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Ask These Questions To Evaluate Your personal Injury Attorney
Before hiring any personal injury attorney, here are questions you should ask to make sure you find the right qualified injury attorney to assist with your case
Quien es Donahoe Kearney? Ha representado cientos de trabajadores accidentados con casos como el suyo.
Representamos a gente que sufren lesiones y enfermedades graves para que obtengan la compensación que se merecen.
7 Señales de Negligencia
Estos 7 síntomas comunes son signos de peligro de que un hospital, HMO ó medico, ha violado una regla de seguridad del paciente.
7 Symptoms of Medical Malpractice | How You Can Recognize, Stop and Avoid Medical Mistakes
If you’re in the hospital, you should be on the look out for 7 signs of medical malpractice that medical malpractice could happen. Download this free book.
Medical Malpractice The Patient’s Guide | Patients Medical Malpractice Guide
Medical malpractice summarized in a simple way for any person wondering if they have a medical malpractice case in DC. Request your free copy today.
Picking Up The Pieces After Medical Malpractice
When medical malpractice is responsible for a child’s injury, where can you turn? Find the answers in this parent’s guide to medical malpractice.
Getting Everything Your Special Needs Child Deserves: A Free Resource Guide to Help Parents in DC, Maryland, & Virginia
Does your special needs child or incapacitated adult child need access to resources in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia? Download our free resource guide.
Claim Denied: The Ugly Truth About Long Term Disability Insurance
Has your long term disability claim been denied and you need to appeal? Send us your denial letter right now to to get started.
The Ultimate Guide to Accident Cases in the DC Metro Area
Have you been in a serious car accident in DC, Maryland, or Virginia? Download this free comprehensive book before you speak to an insurance adjuster.
7 Deadly Sins That Will Wreck Your Accident Case
Have You Recently Been in a Car Accident in the DC Area? If you’ve recently been in a car accident, you probably have a lot of questions. You may be wondering who is going to cover your medical treatment. Should you open a claim with my own insurance as well as the at-fault driver’s? Do […]
Everything You Need to Know About DC Car Accidents in 15 Minutes
Watch this three part webinar on car accidents – everything you need to know from right after the DC car accident to help with the injury claim to settlement.
The Union Workers’ Guide To D.C. Worker’s Compensation
You could be costing yourself hundreds of dollars in workers comp benefits every week. The Union Workers’ Guide helps you protect your rights & your livelihood.
The Pro-Athlete’s Ultimate Guide to Worker’s Compensation
Are you a professional athlete that had a serious injury? This go-to book for pros and their agents will give you the right steps to take for yourself & career.
5 Mistakes That Will Absolutely Kill Your DC Workers Comp Case
Have you been seriously injured at work and you’re being asked to hand over all your medical records and give a recorded statement? Here are 5 mistakes to avoid
Protect Your Rights: The Ultimate Guide To D.C. Workers’ Compensation
Have you been seriously injured on the job and you’re not sure what to do to protect yourself and your family? Contact our experienced workers comp lawyer today
Bullied: Learn How To Stand Up To The Bullies In The Insurance Industry
Has the workers compensation insurance assigned a nurse case manager to your claim in DC after a work injury? Don’t trust them – they want to deny your benefits
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