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I need to find out more about medical malpractice, car accidents or workers compensation because of a serious injury that happened in D.C., Maryland or Virginia.

You're in the right place.

How Can We Help You?

You're probably here because of a serious injury to you or someone in your family.  You know firsthand what it's like: the pain, the uncertainty, and the stress.  You may be worried about how you're going to get the medical treatment you need, pay your bills, and recover.  All of a sudden, you may be uncertain about the future - it may look much different than you planned or expected.

You've made a good decision to learn more and you're in the right place to do that.


What Do You and Your Family Need?

First, if you've never been in this situation before, you probably have a lot of questions - about the legal system, what you should do, and how to make sure you don't get taken advantage of or make mistakes.  That's natural, and we hear that a lot.  There's no way you would know everything you need to do after an injury - if you're like most people, you've never needed to know any of that before now. 

To help you, we offer free information you can use right now: books, legal guides and reports, so you can know what to expect, what you need to do, how to avoid making mistakes in your case.  These are all free, with absolutely no obligation, to anyone injured in D.C., Maryland or Virginia.  

And if you know someone with a special needs child, please let them know that through our work, we've developed a resource guide for parents of children with cerebral palsy, developmental delay, or other special needs. It can show them where to get respite care, special camps to go to and local government and non profit programs for their son or daughter. Absolutely free to any local family.  


Our Story

Let me tell you a little about our story.  Most people who meet Keith and Frank know they put their families first and they love helping kids. They've coached just about every sport, taught religious education, volunteered at local schools and charities in the area.  They're both working class guys so they "get it" - what it's like to work hard, be responsible and raise a family.  

As lawyers, we have one mission - serving families after a serious injury.  

To do this, we only focus on helping  people who get hurt due to medical malpractice, at work or in a car crash.

We're also highly rated, award winning, board certified lawyers and our practice is exclusive. What does that mean? We only agree to accept cases for people with serious injuries, and we limit the number of clients we represent at any one time.  This is so we can put all of our time, energy and resources into helping you. We think that works best and so do our clients.  We've been reviewed a lot by real people we've helped.

We're not on TV or in the Yellow Pages (that's not our style) and before we take a case, we want to make sure we can help you.  We only accept cases if we think we can make a difference in your life.   

But enough about us - we want to hear your story.


What Can You Do Right Now? 

You can tell us your story right now by filling out the contact form or calling us at (202) 393-3320.

You can also get good information right now about your type of case, the legal system, or us.  All you need to do is:

WATCH our educational videos so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family.  

ORDER free book, guide or report to get up-to-date and accurate information and resources.  

READ some of the nearly 250 questions we’ve answered for people going through the same things you are. 


And after getting the information you need, when you're ready to tell us your story, you can fill out this confidential form or call 202-393-3320 to speak with a real, live person in our office who will listen to you and help you get started getting the help you and your family need today. 



"This has been the best experience I have had with an attorney. The best service, very attentive, always willing to help me with what I needed. I would recommend Mr. Kearney and his staff to anyone in need of a worker's compensation attorney." Oscar R.


"Mr Kearney is not like the lawyers that are on TV advertisements. He is a great person and from the bottom of my heart I am extremely thankful and grateful for his work in my case." Jose S.

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Practice Areas

Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice

When hospitals, HMOs and doctors don't follow patient safety rules and harm their patients because of preventable medical mistakes, we provide the answers and the help your family needs. 

It's a process, you can't go it alone.
Workers' Compensation Workers' Compensation

We tell everyone we represent exactly what we are telling you.  Workers compensation is about protecting your future. So read our book before you sign anything from an adjuster, case manager or lawyer.

Automobile Accidents Automobile Accidents

Car and truck accidents don't just happen.  Some drivers choose to violate the Rules of the Road, or choose to text while driving, or decide to drink and drive or just don't pay attention on the Beltway.