Were you injured in an auto accident as a result of another driver’s negligence? Unfortunately, many drivers text at the wheel, drive while intoxicated, or drive too aggressively—causing accidents and injuries. If you have been injured, you are probably looking for a lawyer to represent you in your claim, which is most likely why you are visiting our website.

When deciding to take us up on our free consultation, here’s what you can expect when meeting with Donahoe Kearney. You will actually meet with a board certified civil trial lawyer and not with a paralegal or case manager. We will get to know you, answer your questions, and review your medical records. When you hire us, we will begin investigating your auto accident to learn all we can about it, and we will work hard to get you the maximum compensation available in your personal injury case.

So that you can focus on healing and getting better, you should entrust your car accident claim to us. For a free consultation, contact our D.C. law office of Donahoe Kearney at 202.393.3320 or reach us online at

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