Have you been in a work accident in D.C.? If so, you probably have a lot of questions, including which doctor you need to see. The insurance company might have told you to go to a particular physician or might have sent you to a workers’ compensation clinic, but you need to know that you have other options.

D.C. workers’ compensation lawyer Frank Kearney addresses this very issue in this short, but informative video. According to Frank, you don’t have to use the medical provider that the insurance company is telling you to go to. When it comes to a work accident in D.C., you have the right to get the medical care you need from the doctor you want.

Keep in mind that the doctor recommended by the insurer will be more concerned about the insurance company’s interests than that of the patient. You get to make the choice of who will treat your medical condition. Don’t let the insurance company tell you otherwise.

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