If your child has cerebral palsy, then you probably want to know why.

What exactly is cerebral palsy, and could my child’s condition have been prevented?

Cerebral palsy is a very broad term. It typically involves children who have a congenital brain malformation, which occurs when something goes wrong in the formation of the DNA of the brain. An MRI of the brain can tell medical experts the likely cause. It can be caused by avoidable mistakes, such as low oxygen in the brain during childbirth as a result of bad decisions at the hospital. We have seen cases where the medical records indicate a healthy baby only an hour before birth, but then unheeded warning signs lead to the birth of a handicapped baby.

Many cases of cerebral palsy are not the result of medical negligence, but if you think you have a case and would like more information, then please call Donahoe Kearney at 202-393-3320.