Many victims of medical malpractice aren’t sure if they even have a case. Maybe a relative died during a surgery, or a child was born with cerebral palsy or another handicap. Many victims don’t seek a lawyer until several years after the event. These cases are complicated and you probably have a lot of questions. We need to find out whether or not the death or injury occurred due to someone’s negligence. Hard detective work comes into play here. After hearing your side of the story, we will consult with medical experts and closely examine the medical records. Often, significant injuries and death are not the result of the doctor’s negligence. However, we can still try to uncover what actually happened in the operating room.

Whether we take your case or not, we will provide you with all of the information we uncover. If you think you have a case and would like more information, then please call Donahoe Kearney at 202-393-3320.