Was My Child's Cerebral Palsy caused by Medical Malpractice? Selecting Medical Malpractice Experts, Protecting Your Rights when you're hurt on the job, How to select a law firm for a serious injury or death case - these videos will give you that information and more.

Anyone who has had a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy, told their child suffered from a birth injury or believes they were injured due to medical malpractice or medical mistakes by a hospital, HMO or doctor should watch these videos. 

Anyone who has been hurt on the job can learn more about workers compensation and what to expect with a job injury by watching these videos.

And anyone who thinks they need a lawyer for themselves, their child, or a loved one because that person has been hurt or killed in an accident, at work, or due to medical malpractice or a medical mistake by  a hospital, HMO or doctor should watch these videos before talking to any insurance adjuster, hospital administrator or lawyer.

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