If you have been injured while working—whether you have suffered a minor, serious, or permanent injury on the job—you need to know about the benefits you are entitled to under a workers compensation claim. Unfortunately, the insurance company your case gets turned over to isn’t going to tell you about all the benefits you are entitled to. It's up to you to be an advocate for yourself and your family.

Because insurance companies want to limit the amount of compensation injured union workers get, workers compensation cases are complex. This is why we wrote the book Protect Your Rights - the Ultimate Guide to DC Workers Compensation. Instead of falling into the traps insurance companies set, we want you to get every dollar you are entitled to.

If you make one simple mistake, it will end up costing you thousands of tax free dollars every year. Make sure you order a free copy of this book today so that you don’t make this critical mistake.

As workers’ compensation lawyers, we want to help injured union workers protect themselves and their families and get every penny they need and deserve. After getting hurt on the job, this easy-to-read book can help you, or you can call Donahoe Kearney for more information at 202.393.3320 or online at https://www.donahoekearney.com/contact.cfm. Call us today to speak to someone who is experienced with workers compensation and can help you take the next steps to keep your family safe and protect your income.


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