If you were injured in a hospital by a nurse, doctor, anesthesiologist, or other healthcare professional, you are likely a victim of medical malpractice. Do you know what you should do before you even leave the hospital? Find out by watching this short video.

The most important step you can take as a victim of medical negligence is to request a copy of your medical records. Make sure you get a copy of any tests that were done such as an x-ray, CT scan, or MRI scan. If possible, get your medical records before leaving the hospital. The next most important thing you can do is to contact a medical malpractice law firm to have them review your records.

To determine if you were a victim of medical negligence, contact the D.C. law office of Donahoe Kearney for a free consultation. An experienced medical malpractice attorney will review your medical records and help you pursue a case against the negligent doctor or hospital involved. Call us today at 202.393.3320 or reach us online at

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