You may have gone in for a routine surgery only to wake up severely injured after surgery. While you are left wondering what happened, it is likely that an anesthesia error occurred or another type of medical mistake took place while you were under anesthesia. Learn more by watching this video.

Anesthesiologists have a very important job during surgery. If something goes wrong and an anesthesia mistake occurs, you can suffer critical and even fatal injuries. Additionally, there is a duty of care owed by a doctor to you, the patient. Unfortunately, a doctor may have been negligent during surgery. But because you were under anesthesia, you aren’t sure what happened during surgery. If you came out of surgery injured, you are likely a victim of a medical mistake or distracted doctoring.

If you believe you were a victim of medical malpractice, please contact our D.C. law firm today to speak with a skilled lawyer who will review your medical records and determine if your injury was the result of doctor or anesthesia negligence. You can reach Donahoe Kearney for a free consultation at 202.393.3320 or online at

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