If you have suffered a work injury or accident, chances are you could be looking at a workers’ compensation claim. However, like many injured workers, you are likely wondering how long it will take to complete your D.C. workers’ compensation case. The good news is that this video will answer your questions.

D.C. workers’ compensation lawyer Frank Kearney explains the timeframe of these cases. The time it takes to complete the case depends on the details of your injuries. The timeframe will be based on the severity of the injury, the amount of medical care needed, as well as other factors. Some cases are done within months while others take years to complete. In fact, Donahoe Kearney, LLP has been working with some clients for 5 to 15 years.

There are things we can’t necessarily speed up or slow down when it comes to workers’ compensation claims, but we will stick with you through the entire process.

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