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You Made A Great Choice Requesting The Ultimate Guide to DC Workers Compensation.

You made an excellent choice requesting Protect Your Rights: The Ultimate Guide To DC Workers Compensation. You work hard, do a good job, and provide for yourself and your family. You never asked to be injured on the job, and you want to go back to work as soon as possible. We get it. Our clients feel the same way.

Protect Your Rights is a real book, and we will get it in the mail to you the same day if you left your address. If you didn’t, just email it to or fill out this quick form and we will get it to you right away. This book is under 150 pages – I truly recommend reading it all the way through. Once you’re done reading it you will know where to file your claim, what benefits are available to you if you were injured in D.C., what to do if your claim is denied, and much, much more.

If you have been seriously injured, out of work for more than sixty days, and are looking at surgery, you need a lawyer to help you protect your income and manage your recovery. Our job at Donahoe Kearney is to make the best of a difficult situation for our clients. We keep their income steady, their medical treatment consistently authorized, and negotiate a settlement at the end of the case that will provide for any future lost income or loss of earning potential after a serious work injury. And our clients will tell you they are so glad they called us because as soon as we took over the case, the benefits started coming and they were able to get the medical treatment they needed.

You may be feeling frustrated, worried, and stressed about the future. Your adjuster might be hassling you, or your nurse case manager is trying to bully you and your doctors. You may be a part of a union and wondering if your union lawyer is the right fit. You are anxious to get back to work, and worried you could lose your job if you’re out too long. Call us right now at 202-393-3320 and find out how we take the stress out of dealing with workers’ compensation.

All of our clients feel the way you’re feeling right now, and we offer solutions only an experienced workers’ compensation team can offer.

You will be getting an email from Lauren, our Director of Client Services with some great information you can use right now. And if it’s during business hours, she will be calling you within 15 minutes. If it’s after hours or on the weekend, you’ll hear from her first thing the next business day.

You may be calling multiple law firms and need help now. If that’s the case just give us a call at 202-393-3320 and we will help you right away. Don’t get pulled into a big law firm with the fancy advertising – you don’t want a slick “big law” lawyer. Your case could get lost in the shuffle but for us, we guarantee if we take your case, you will get the time and individual attention you and your family deserve.

We guide you through the process, helping you every step of the way to be confident your case is done right and you’re able to stand up to the insurance company. Lauren will be asking you key questions to find out how we can help you, and take the next right steps in your case.

We make it easy for you to get started today. Our confidential, no obligation, and free evaluation process will answer your questions, leave you with great information, and clear the next steps for your case. We do this for everyone – because no one deserves to be taken advantage of. Call our experienced DC Workers Comp Team now at 202-393-3320 or schedule a free, no-obligation consultation here.

I’m looking forward to hearing your story!

Very Truly Yours,

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