I recently sustained a serious injury after slipping and falling at my workplace. Along with medical treatment I knew I needed legal advice, but since I had never been seriously injured at work before I wasn't sure where to look or what to do. I looked on the internet for an attorney and I came across the Donahoe Kearney website. The website was very informative and spoke to my questions and concerns. I was so impressed that I contacted Frank Kearney right away and set up an appointment. Both Vanesa and Brooke, Frank's staff, were very kind, supportive and professional as they lead me through the initial process.
From the very beginning my interactions with Frank Kearney has been marked by these two most striking attributes: 

#1-- Frank Kearney has taken ownership. He has made my problem his problem. 
#2-- Competence. His experience, focus and confidence are impressive. Frank is a winner. 
I would highly recommend the Donahoe Kearney Law firm to anyone.

R.M., Rising Sun, MD