What Our Clients Have to Say

Patients who can't care for themselves because of medical mistakes.

Workers hurt on the job now struggling to feed their families because they can't work.

People who need lifetime medical treatment after an accident.

The people we help have been through a lot.  If you're reading this and looking for an attorney, you already know about our qualifications and experience, that we don't advertise, and that we're selective in the cases we take.  But you should know this:  we sincerely want you to have the best experience and if we can't deliver that, we don't take the case.  It's that simple.

Here's what some of our clients say about working with us.  

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  • Injured construction worker won a nice settlement for his workers' comp and third-party cases

    I, Jose Alendro Flores Archundia am extremely thankful with the services of my attorney and my friend Nancy and very happy to recommend whoever has suffered a serious personal injury to Mr. Kearney. May God Bless you, Thank you!  

    Jose A Flores, Hyattesville, MD
  • One workers' comp client expresses her thanks to Mr. Kearney for a job well done

    Mr. Kearney represented me in injury/workers' comp case. He was honest, patient, and understanding of my needs. He was fully prepared for each review before a judge. I would recommend Frank Kearney to anyone that's looking for a great Lawyer...One who knows the judiciary and the law, and does not drag on with the case. Thank you, Mr Kearney: I could not have done this without you. OH YES & WE WON OUR CASE. Thank you!!

    M.W. Washington, DC
  • These lawyers are honest and tenacious! Certainly one of the best in DC!

    I was very disappointed with the delays and tactics, and I got frustrated that I used up my vacation and PTO to cover my lost salary: so I was referred by a friend, and hired Mr. Kearney after being injured at work. As soon as I hired Mr. Kearney, my checks came in to cover for the salary I lost while I was injured. Mr. Kearney and his staff were very professional, and Mr. Kearney was honest and tenacious in getting the best compensation I deserved. Mr. Kearney is certainly one of the best WC lawyer for employees in DC!

    R.F. Bowie, MD
  • I am now able to focus on getting well and putting my life back together! What a blessing, thank you.

      I was out from work on workers' compensation for months and I was not aware that I should probably consult with an attorney. I had no intention of retaining an attorney. Nobody tells you these things, especially when you think you will get better, and return to work in a short period of time. That was not the case for me. I recommend this law firm highly because they value their clients, and provide the utmost respect and integrity in handling your case. They are professional, honest, understanding, and helpful to those in need of their assistance. Truly, I am now able to focus on getting well and putting my life back together! What a blessing, thank you so much! 

    Ms. R., MD
  • Injured electrician Knew That He Was Going to Be Okay with Mr. Kearney on His Side

    "Mr. Kearney can handle whatever the insurance company throws at you." Mr. S: electrician, Mitchellville, MD.

  • A Serious Injury is Rough; But with the Right Advocate You Can Get Through It

    "Mr. Kearney took the time to explain everything and make sure I understood."   Ms. B: Washington, DC For Ms. B's full story, click here.

  • Just look for Mr. Kearney

      I didn't know what to do when the workers' compensation insurance stopped pretending that they were on my side. That's why I called Mr. Kearney. A.P., Gaithersburg, MD. For Mr. P.'s full story, click here.

  • Here's the Story of One of our Clients Who Went up Against the D.C. Workers' Comp System and Won.

    "The reality is that your employer doesn't care about you. That's why you need a lawyer. Frank will look out for you to make sure you get everything to which you are entitled. My advice? Lawyer up. Lawyer up good. " J.S., Great Falls, VA     Mr. S. has started a video, film and production company called Flying Squid LLC. You can find it here online! For the fully story of how Mr. S turned injury into enterprise, visit our blog by clicking here.             

  • DC Campus Police Officer Shares his Experience with his Knee Injury Case

    Working a physical or dangerous job in D.C. carries the risk of  a serious injury.  Mr. S. was working patrol at a university in D.C. when a bicycle heist resulted in a serious knee injury. He apprehended the suspect, but not before sustaining a knee injury that put him out of work.  He needed surgery and couldn't work, but wanted to get back on the job.    Here's what he has to say about working with us:"Mr. Kearney and his staff have been very helpful throughout the process. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends." For Mr. S's full story, visit our blog HERE.

    D. S., Washington, D.C.
  • I Never Felt Like a Client. Donahoe Kearney Treated Me Like Family.

    I first want to thank Mr. Kearney and his staff for all the work they did with my case.  I am very thankful and grateful for all they did for me.  From the beginning I never felt like a client, they always treated me as if I was part of the family.  They made me feel very comfortable and at home.  I am very happy and satisfied with all their hard work and all that they did to come to a resolution in my case.  I would highly recommend them to any person in need of an attorney.

    M.L., D.C.