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  • insurance company tries to low-ball construction worker on settlement

    A construction worker hurt on a D.C. job site was dealing with the workers comp insurance adjuster on his own. As you can see, the adjuster thought they could settle the case cheap - that is the insurance company's job after all.  After learning about our workers comp results in DC, he called us take over his case.  Let's just say that was a really lucrative call for him! We got to work immediately on the construction accident case.  And here's what he has to say about the end result. I had a workers comp claim that was about to settle out and it seemed like the insurance company was trying to "low ball" me, so I called Donahoe Kearney. Mr. Kearney took my case and negotiated a settlement much higher than what I would have gotten on my own. I highly recommend Mr. Frank Kearney and his staff.

    L.N. Waldorf, MD
  • client has his benefits denied and Frank went to bat and got him paid

    I recently sustained a serious injury after slipping and falling at my workplace. Along with medical treatment I knew I needed legal advice, but since I had never been seriously injured at work before I wasn't sure where to look or what to do. I looked on the internet for an attorney and I came across the Donahoe Kearney website. The website was very informative and spoke to my questions and concerns. I was so impressed that I contacted Frank Kearney right away and set up an appointment. Both Vanesa and Brooke, Frank's staff, were very kind, supportive and professional as they lead me through the initial process.   From the very beginning my interactions with Frank Kearney has been marked by these two most striking attributes:  #1-- Frank Kearney has taken ownership. He has made my problem his problem.  #2-- Competence. His experience, focus and confidence are impressive. Frank is a winner.    I would highly recommend the Donahoe Kearney Law firm to anyone.

    R.M., Rising Sun, MD
  • client who is working through the process feels confident

    The Donahoe Kearney team has been working diligently in protecting my rights and get me the money I'm owed from the workers' compensation insurance. I am halfway through the process and though it can be worrisome, I’m confident in Mr. Kearney and his team.  

    L.H. Washington, D.C.
  • From the moment they started to represent me, I felt more calm and confident.

    First of all, I'm so grateful for everything this team has done for me. Because of their help and professionalism we were able to get the justice we wanted. From the moment they started to represent me I felt more than calm and confident. Working with you all has been the best experience. I am more than sure that you will continue to provide the same help to other clients.

    Senior Alvarado Aguilar Alexandria, VA.
  • They have energy, and are patient and informative. I love them!

    Mr. Kearney and the staff give familiar, family-oriented energy, and they are very patient and informative! Keep up the great work y'all are doing. I love y'all. Thank you.

    C.B. Washington, DC
  • They always keep you informed - they are the best and brightest in their field!

    Mr. Kearney, and his staff navigate complicated matters with clarity and precision: they always keep their clients informed of their rights under the law. They are the best and brightest in their field!

    B.C., Ocean City, Maryland
  • Mr. Kearney has helped me every step of the way with my case.

    Having Mr. Kearney on my side means that I would highly recommend him to my friends and family! He represented me in an efficient and professional way and was very responsive to calls and emails. I am extremely satisfied with the work that he and his team did, and the results!

    C. C., Sterling, VA.
  • Mr. Kearney provides workers' comp seminars to union members, legal clinics, etc. to help educate the community on their rights!

    Mr. Kearney gave a great presentation on the basics of workers' comp at the Workers' Rights Clinic at Bread for the City in Washington DC. He also stayed behind to answer volunteers' questions and meet with a worker who had attended the clinic. He left us with several valuable reasources that we will continue to use at the clinic.

    H.K. Washington, DC.
  • Do Yourself a Favor and Get the Best!

    You will need an attorney to ensure you are represented correctly..so do yourself a favor and get the best! You can't navigate the many obstacles you face when dealing with an big injury or workers' comp. Please learn from me...don't set yourself up for failure!  I highly, highly recommend calling Donahoe Kearney. It will be the best decision you could make to give yourself the best chance of coming out on top and hopefully healthy in an unfortunate situtation.  I truly can't say enough positive things about the crew at Donohoe Kearney. From day one, they have treated me great. The representation I have received has thoroughly exceeded my expectations. My family and I are extremely grateful to have them on our side!

    J.S., Upper Marlboro, MD