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  • One of our amazing clients writes a thank you note after settling his DC Workers' Comp Case.

                    Mr. Kearney and Staff: It's been almost 3 months since I've received my settlement. It was far more than I imagined and has been and is an invaluable financial blessing. It has helped me accomplish goals that I would have never been able to do otherwise. Words do little to describe the joy and the peace you've helped usher into my life. Please continue to change lives as you did mine.

    L.H. Washington, DC
  • Bob was a serious professional with a big job and a lot of responsibility and one big fall on the ice changed everything

    I caught up with Bob a couple of months after settling his case, and it was great to get his story from the "After" perspective. Bob was a Chief Engineer (which if you are not familiar with the engineering scene for office buildings, condos and facilities is a big deal - you're responsible for keeping the whole physical plant running).  He said he enjoyed doing it - only 15% desk work, the rest of it out there with the guys, teaching, working. He enjoyed doing that. Now he can't return to that kind of work - hasn't been able to since his first surgery. Bob had two surgeries, both from the same fall. It was a bad fall. When he fell it was on black ice and he was hustling out of the office. Both feet went sidewise, and Bob went horizontal in the air body slammed down on his shoulder. The fall was so hard that he bounced back up.  The first surgery was reconstructive on the bicep, labrum and rotator cuff. Over time, the cartilage was ground away by the anchors in his shoulder and he had to have his entire shoulder replaced. Even now, he still can't use his arm like he used to, can't lift. He had what we call a "permanent injury." I asked Bob why he sought out an attorney. He said "I wasn't getting better and with therapy, getting worse and not better. Everything had reattached during the first surgery the anchors came loose and started grinding the cartilage away. The doctor did an MRI and wasn't able to diagnose. I couldn't understand why he couldn't tell me what was going on." He had an attorney from one of the big TV commercial law firms in town.  The lawyer they gave him was young and inexperienced.  As a client, he was just a number, part of a mill (we've heard that before).  He wasn't getting calls back, status reports, etc. Then by chance, he mentioned this to an elevator inspector who had been a client of Frank's in the past. The elevator mechanic gave him Frank's name and number, with a strong recommendation. 15 minutes later Bob knew he had the right lawyer for his case. I can remember when Bob came on as a client. He was frustrated and nervous because he had a serious injury and he wasn't getting help from his lawyer. Bob was a fantastic client from day 1. I asked Bob what kind of plans he has for the future. He said: "I'm looking into teaching, maybe something along the lines of the air conditioning field. Sales maybe. NAPE (National Association of Power Engineers) maybe being a teacher's assistant. I used to belong to Local 99." Any advice for others now that you've been through a case after a serious injury? "Call Donahoe Kearney - "You guys were just phenomenal, never had a problem. You took care of my case, very professional and I was very happy and satisfied with the settlement. Definitely recommend you and Frank to anyone."   

    BG, VA.
  • I was put off by the slick ads many law firms have.

    It took me some time to find a lawyer for my workers’ comp case. I wanted someone to help me navigate the process and to get me a fair deal, but I wanted to keep things professional. I soon learned that in addition to knowing a lot about the workers comp process, Frank knows many of the players, which helped us make informed decisions. I am pleased with the settlement I received and I’m grateful to his team for all their support.

    A.D. Washington, DC
  • This injured worker has been a client for many years and continues to be a client for life!

    The level of compassion that this firm puts into their clients is remarkable. I often joke and say it’s my royalty firm that spoils me because no matter how turned around the situation is this firm will hold you up like family and make you feel like royalty. I feel like I’ve gained a mentor and friend in Mr.Kearney. This firm doesn't label me as a $$$ as many firms do, and for once I was a real person, that got hurt, and needed help. That’s exactly what I got, plus so much more. Though I’m no longer a client we still speak often over the years. He gave me hope, after I felt like i lost everything. I could write a story about how amazing all the staff here is but I’d spoil the experience. I got a second chance to experience life and so can you!!! Let them help you through this hard process!!!!! Thank you guys so much again for everything each and everyone of you do at the firm. You guys Rock!!!!

    Tia Corry, Washington DC
  • Have you been injured at work in Washington DC? You definitely want to read this!

    This awesome lady had worked her whole life, and would still be working, if she hadn't tripped over power cords that weren't properly secured in a parking garage.  That fall onto the concrete caused a fractured pelvis, requiring a long hospitalization and time at a rehab facility trying to heal. With English as her second language, her future employment following the physical limitations she now has is uncertain - she definitely can't go back to the job she had. This comes directly from the son of our client, who was with her every step of the way to help her recover from her injuries and to make sure she understood everything throughout the case given her language skills - we couldn't be more proud of the work we did for his mom and family, and we couldn't be more happy for them in their settlement! "Mr. Kearney and his administrative staff were great! Frank took the time to meet with us throughout the life of our case. He was extremely patient and thorough explaining the different phases of the suit. He was able to negotiate a good settlement for us. I would recommend him to anyone who has been in an accident."

    K.D. Washington, DC
  • This injured restaurant worker was able to settle his case and got a great result!

    Thank you so much for the great review! We are so excited about this result - it was well-deserved by this great client. Mr. Frank is awesome! It was a very smooth process all the people from the office are friendly and helpful. Just follow their instructions and you should get some great result. And Brooke thanks for everything....

    TMS Falls Church, VA
  • We caught up with Mr. Hayes as his DC Workers' Compensation Case Comes to a Close.

    We got the low-down from Mr. Hayes today as his case comes to a close, he says that the year is looking brighter! What type of case did you have? I had a worker’s compensation claim. It was the result of an injury that I had sustained while breaking up a fight at a high school where I worked. I was temporarily terminated by employer, but when I asked Mr. Kearney and his team to intercede, I was given a new position to accommodate my restrictive medical needs. What was your job, and how did having a workers’ comp claim affect your job? Before the injury, I was a Dean of Students at a high school. Due the injury, I was unable to remain in that capacity, and so the organization moved to a new school in a new role. How did Donahoe Kearney help you? Mr. Kearney helped me by first getting my worker’s compensation benefits that the insurance had denied. Between the date I was terminated and the date that I was offered a new position, I did not receive worker’s compensation benefits. This meant that for nearly two months, I did not receive any income. The insurance company supported the position of my employer and my benefits were denied because the employer said that I had rejected another position offer. After some time, I participated in a deposition. And about three weeks later, I received benefits and was able to pay my bills. Secondly, Mr. Kearney helped me by working my case in speedy manner. The new job and place have taken a toll on me emotionally and mentally. My stress level and incidents of depression have increased. And so, when I received a call from Mr. Kearney as a “check-in”, I told and explained to him that I was not happy with my current position and I was looking for other options. He helped me by speeding up the disposition of my case and worked to get me a settlement. Because I was ready to leave the job, I was satisfied with the first offer. But he pushed, and we got more -  I’m glad I trusted him. What are you doing now, and how is your settlement helping with that? The settlement is helping me to get my life in order. I’m able to pay down debt, take a much-needed vacation, and focus on the issues that are important to me. A year ago, I never would have imagined that I’d be where I am today. But thanks, to Mr. Kearney and his team, this year is brighter!

    Mr. Hayes, Washington, DC.
  • DC Injured Worker Reviews Our Services, and Free Materials

    As a client I do find the material good reading especially at odd  times.  Sometimes, I do have questions and your newsletters are good resource material for me and I do forward to friends.   I will say I have grown from the constant flow of information and I'm more at ease with this process and not feeling like a victim but more a situation that's being dealt with at a much higher  level than I thought it required.   Of course, early on I was a wreck and now I'm more knowledgeable a vast difference so I'm grateful.   So. I thank your guys very much.

    SJ, Columbia, Maryland
  • When you're always playing to the next season you don't have time to get hurt!

     Once you get hurt, you learn quickly that the clubs have a lot of people looking out for them – trainers, doctors, lawyers. And you don’t. The reality is, most of us will have serious injuries during our careers. I had two – in 2004 and 2007, with different teams and in different states. By then, I was a veteran player, so I asked a lot of questions. I filed for workers’ compensation for both injuries and my experiences were totally  different. After I hired D.C. lawyer Frank Kearney, it was like going from the “outhouse” to the “penthouse.” read the full review here.

    Jason Simontacchi, St. Louis Cardinals 2002 – 2004 Washington Nationals 2007
  • Client with long-term pulmonary injury in Washington, DC feels blessed

    I been blessed  to have you all support me during this time. You all are very professional. Thank you all for your support and help.

    Ms. Newton, Maryland