When Someone Is Injured At Work in DC, It Affects The Whole FamilyWorkers Compensation Settles After A Serious DC Work Injury

When my husband was injured on the job a few years ago, the decision to obtain counsel was not a decision we took lightly.

We researched and interviewed different lawyers, and upon the last interview that we had with Frank, we knew that the decision we were making to bring Frank on as our representation was the right decision!

Throughout this journey, we worked very closely with Frank, but we worked even closer with Priscilla. 

Priscilla has been an angel for us, and anytime she couldn’t get in contact with my husband, she made a point to contact me.

She made my husband stay accountable for his appointments and just to make sure that he stayed on top of the things that he needed to do in regards to his case. Things like turning in his paystubs to make sure he kept up with his doctor's appointments, making sure that he sent her the doctors reports after every visit was vital to his case.

Priscilla played a pivotal role in this case, and we just don’t think that we would have gotten this far without her. Priscilla works very hard; she has been very diligent on this case.

She gave me her number just so that if there was any question I had or anything that I needed to be done, I could talk to her.

I didn’t take having her number lightly because I know that she gave me her number if I needed to talk to her or it was something urgent dealing with my husband.

We are grateful to Frank and Priscilla. I don’t think that we would be this far along if it weren’t for the hard work Priscilla put in. Frank and Priscilla, thank you for every effort you made on our behalf and for never giving up on us.

This journey is not one that we took lightly because this was our livelihood, and the mere fact that you have seen this case through from start to finish, we are thankful. Words couldn’t express our gratitude, but I would say, Priscilla, you are a gem. We would not be this far along in this case if it weren’t for all your hard work and dedication.

I pray that whatever you get and wherever you go that you get all the blessings that you deserve because you worked hard for us, and we appreciate you so much

Tiffany and Carlos, Washington DC