I had such a hard year in 2019 when  my injury came about. I had just started back at work and had been back for about a month and a half when the anniversary of 911 was slowly approaching when a unknown man had approached me and broke my left knee while trying to escort him out of our government buildings. I worked as a DHS Special Police Officer. After my injury I struggled with the fact that I would have to deal with a security insurance company that really didn’t care about my well-being. I struggled back-and-forth with this company and on several occasions was frustrated of the back-and-forth stop payments in between while dealing with being in a wheelchair trying to get my life back in order and start therapy. Here this company was playing with my ability to get my life back to where it needed to be.

One of my coworkers referred me to Frank and ever since then everything has been easy going--so well explained, I receive these books of all the events of what I was experiencing! They help me a lot with understanding what I was going through and what I would be going through as I moved forward so I say that I appreciate all that this office has done for me. This was a long ride but I have return to work full duty. I still have my injuries for life but I can work with a smile on my face knowing that I’ll be forever backed up by the Frank Kearney and company. 

M.L., Washington, DC