Dear Frank:

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated working through the insurance company minefield with all of you at my side.

During the course of getting treated for an injury, I was told by one doctor that I would need a surgery.  About one week after my injury I had to go to the Emergency Room for severe pain. I thought all was proceeding "on track."  Then the insurance company's Claims Adjuster phoned me as I was preparing to go to the Emergency Room.  She told me they would need a "taped recording" via phone, before approving any further doctor's visits or treatment. Since I had recently read one of your newsletters, I asked the adjuster if I would need an attorney. She complained so I told her I would talk to her later and I went to the Emergency Room right away. The insurance company delayed paying me anything for two months. 

I spoke with Frank. Two weeks later I was paid in full for my lost wages. 

Everybody thinks accidents don't happen, and everything will just work out. Until it actually happens to you.

I have learned that God helps those who help themselves and that being prepared and knowing what to do and who to talk to was my best recourse with this adverse and very real accident. At least I was able to pay my bills and keep everybody fed, once I got the right people behind and with me.

I am back at work now and quite happy with the help I've gotten from Frank and his team, but I don't think the insurance adjuster likes me or Frank's team very much.

Always grateful,