A plumber with a severe back injury in D.C. says:

I've been with you so long I don't know where to start.  There was a lady at work when I had problems with my back injury case, she recommended me to you.  I have had problems with other attorneys in the past, not taking my case, mot taking my calls and not being straight with me.

All of my phone calls were returned.  You have a nice staff that was always helpful.  You've been real good to me and always helped me out.

Mr. Kearney's book was cool, too.  It had a lot of information in there and I passed that along to my neighbor and it gave her some guidance for her injury case because it had a lot of information about insurance companies and what they do.

Everything about my case was just right on time.  You were always very professional and answered all of my questions and did whatever you could for me whenever you could.

You always helped me out.  And I recommend you to everyone.

Willy B., Silver Spring, MD