After Settlement, Injured Union Worker Thanks His D.C. Workers Compensation Lawyers.

You represented my father for his accident case and did a fantastic job for him and a fantastic job for me. You got me a lot of back pay the insurance company Praise from a Injured Worker for Donahoe Kearney Lawyerswasn't paying me, another $22,000.00 - and got my workers compensation benefits increased by $300.00 per week when the insurance company folded the day before we were supposed to go to court. Any time I ever had any problem, I called and spoke with Mr. Kearney and you were always very prompt in getting things done.

For example, three times they stopped my prescriptions and you got it resolved.  Your staff got it cleared up right away.  And you got me the surgeries I needed. I've referred a lot of people to Donahoe Kearney and I will continue to do so. I don't think anything could be handled any better in my opinion, and that's the truth.