Here's what our long-time client had to say about Keith Donahoe winning a serious award for her child with cerebral palsy.

He brought his “A" game.  I love Keith – him and Frank are just wonderful.” 

Timothy is doing well today. His mother calls him “spoiled” with a smile, and says that he likes to watch his younger brothers play basketball, likes video games, and recently got attached to a family dog. And he will continue to be cared for long after his mother is no longer able to take care of him, because he has his own trust to provide for his lifetime care and a trustee who looks out for his interests. It gives him stability, security and dignity for the rest of his life.

I asked her what advice would she give to other mothers who might be in a similar situation.

She said "don't stop, don't settle. There's a reason for everything. I would go to the end of the earth for my boys and back. 

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Angela Taylor; Maryland