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  • Medical Malpractice client shares about her experience with Donahoe Kearney

    Estoy agradecida con el buffet por tan excelente trabajo, muy profesionales y lo mejor que trabajan duro para lograr la mayor compensación para los clientes. Se toman el tiempo de escuchar y visitar a cada cliente, es un contacto directo con los abogados y por eso brindan un excelente servicio. 🙏 Recomendados al 100%

  • Malpractice in a hospital leads to partial amputations

    This amazing client survived a devastating injury and now has the funds she needs to care for herself and for her family. Here's what she had to say about us: I am very grateful with the firm for such excellent work, they are very professional, and the best is that they work hard to get the most compensation for their clients. They take time to listen to and visit each client, there is direct contact with the lawyers and because of that they offer excellent service.  

    H. H.
  • This amazing mother in Washington DC fought the medical doctor that caused her son's serious cerebral palsy and won!

    Here's what our long-time client had to say about Keith Donahoe cross-examining a doctor during her son's medical malpractice trial in Washington, DC. He blew the cover on her - he brought his “A" game.  I love Keith – him and Frank are just wonderful.”  Timothy is doing well today. His mother calls him “spoiled” with a smile, and says that he likes to watch his younger brothers play basketball, likes video games, and recently got attached to a family dog. And he will continue to be cared for long after his mother is no longer able to take care of him, because he has his own trust to provide for his lifetime care and a trustee who looks out for his interests. It gives him stability, security and dignity for the rest of his life. I asked her what advice would she give to other mothers who might be in a similar situation. She said "don't stop, don't settle. There's a reason for everything. I would go to the end of the earth for my boys and back.  Want the whole story?  Click here for the whole story.            

    Angela Taylor; Maryland
  • This wonderful and brave mother gives advice to other mothers

    Ms. Hamilton's child was born prematurely due to a doctor's miscalculation of how far long she was. I wanted to know if she had any advice for mothers. Her directives were simple. “Don’t give up. Your baby didn’t ask to be here, and you owe it to your child to do everything that you can to advocate for them and make sure their needs are met. Just don’t give up—it’s a difficult process, and it’s not a short or easy road. But keep moving forward. That’s all. There is so much that Jeremiah wasn’t supposed to be able to do. And look at him now – he is a normal thirteen-year old boy. He loves science and math, and he likes to dance. He spends time with his older brother and I don’t allow him to get into trouble. And I’m going to do right by my child, just like I’ve done right by my other children. Nothing halfway for my kids.” Isn’t that exactly as it should be?

    LaTonya Hamilton, Hyattsville MD
  • Life-Changing Settlement for a Kid (Now, Man) After Medical Malpractice

      At Donahoe Kearney they are very thoughtful, committed, and professional. Their hard work and dedication has changed my life! I highly recommend them. Learn more about this client's story here.

    C.W., Virginia
  • Mr. Kearney and Mr. Donahoe were excellent attorneys, very caring toward my son and myself.

    Mr. Kearney and Mr. Donahoe were excellent attorneys.  They were very caring toward my son and myself.  They always explained everything in detail and kept in touch with us, updating us about the case.  Whenever we would call or needed a question answered, Mr. Kearney or his assistant was always there to help.  My son and I are very happy and satisfied with the outcome of the case.  Mr. Kearney and Mr. Donahoe were the best and I would highly recommend them to other people.

    M.S., Manassas, Va
  • Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into my case in order for me to receive the most from my compensation.

    After a doctor failed to follow the proper patient safety rules during a surgery, we worked hard to make that wrong right for our client. Here's what he had to say:  I would like to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into my case in order for me to receive the most from my compensation. Mr. Kearney, you are one of the best attorneys I have had as you have gone above and beyond to satisfy and exceed my needs. I thank you and your wonderful team for assisting me. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone in need of an attorney. 

    N.S., Fairfax, Va
  • This medical malpractice client would definitely use Donahoe Kearney again

    I think Frank is one of the greatest lawyers ever invented, I’d highly recommend their firm. He keeps in touch with me and helps me with other issues. He’s great. I’d definitely definitely definitely use him again!  

    S.O., Woodbridge, Va
  • Client thanks Donahoe Kearney for looking out for the best interests of her son in his medical malpractice case.

    My son was born prematurely in 2005. I was told that he would not survive but I couldn’t – I wouldn’t - believe that. This was my child and I would do anything for him to survive. He was born with Chronic Lung Disease, which means that his lungs were underdeveloped and it was very hard for him to breathe. He had to have a tracheostomy when he was two months old to help him breathe, but that was removed in 2008. My son has had 6 surgeries which were hard on his body but he was a fighter and would not give up. When he was a baby, I suspected the hospital hadn’t done everything they were supposed to but they never told me that, and at first I didn’t know where to turn or even what to ask to get my questions answered. Like most people, I had never even thought about medical malpractice and never thought I’d need a lawyer. I was referred to Mr. Kearney. And he and Mr. Donahoe were different than everything I had heard or expected. They took the time to explain everything and worked with me to help my son. I felt they always had his best interests at heart. Today, my son is a thriving, energetic 6 year old first grader and the bravest person I have met. And I know that because of my attorneys’ expert support of my son, he will be able to have the care that he will need for the rest of his life.

    J.H., Hyattsville, MD
  • When my wife died due to medical malpractice, I was worried about bringing up the kids without a mother.

    When my wife died due to medical malpractice, our boys were 6 and 12.  I had to deal with the grief and raising the kids as a single parent.  I couldn't focus on anything, and with only one income, I was worried I couldn't give them the education they needed. But I became comfortable working with Mr. Kearney and Mr. Donahoe.  I didn't have to worry as much and we were able to secure my family's financial future and the boys' education through the settlement.  Even though it was so hard for us to lose her at such a young age, she's with us everyday. I'm glad I had Mr. Donahoe and Mr. Kearney to represent us in the case.  

    C.G., Hyattsville, MD