One Car Accident Victim Tells His Story

Life is funny sometimes... On a beautiful April morning on the way to work in P.G. County, Maryland, laughing to myself as I thought of my friends, and contemplating how my day would be, it suddenly all changed in a blink of an eye. A hit and run! A car hit me so hard I ended up over the guard rail and Client thanks Donahoe Kearney, LLP for settling his accident case.found myself on the opposite side of the highway onto oncoming traffic.

Well, no longer did I have to contemplate how my day at work would be. I was taken by an ambulance with three fractured vertebrae. Now, I was faced with the fact, a hit and run? Who would take care of this? I needed a lawyer!

I was referred to Donahoe and Kearney. Sure everyone says, "a lawyer? Are you sure? How do you know you found the right one?"

Well, upon meeting Mr. Kearney those questions were answered. I felt confident and at ease that I've found right one. Mr. Kearney and his team immediately assured me not to worry that they would take care of everything. Every time I called, they assured me everything is right on target and they are moving in the right direction. It was reassuring that some one else has taken this giant burden to ensure that all parties, with the insurance, etc... will be handled. They definitely cross the t's and dot their i's. If an offer was not good enough or not right, he advised and back to the drawing board... and surprise surprise. I won! Meaning, we did receive a settlement that was highly agreeable. (Well, of course, with the gratitude of Mr. Kearney and team)!

Mr. Kearney and his staff are so kind hearted, humble, proficient, and pleasant in their profession and to their Clients and I would recommend them to anyone, needing helping, assistance, or just advice....They WILL fight for you and they WILL get the job done.

Louis B., Woodbridge, Va