I felt like I had a team behind me.  It really felt close knit, like a family instead of a law firm. You just know when you meet good people.

The insurance company was giving me the run-around, not paying me.  I googled my issues and read some of the Donahoe Kearney website information and reviews, so I called.  From the first time I called, I felt comfortable so I scheduled an appointment to meet with Mr. Kearney. And during our first meeting I knew I wanted to sign up with Donahoe Kearney.

You just know when you meet good people.

I liked working with the staff and they were always able to get me a fast response on any issue or question I had.  And Mr. Kearney was very open - he was realistic and told me the good and bad about my case.  He wouldn't sugarcoat it and I appreciated that.

The whole time it felt like I had a team behind me.  It felt really close knit, like a family.  When I had a different lawyer, or in any business for that matter, sometimes you are just money to that business, they don't care about you.  I never felt like that here.  I always felt Donahoe Kearney had by best interest at heart.  Mr. Kearney told me not to take the initial settlement offers and to continue going forward with the case until they increased it by a lot, and they did.

A lot of people don't know the law and don't know their rights and I didn't when I first came to you.  But you helped educate me and taught me a lot about my rights and what I'm entitled to.  I would definitely recommend people to you for medical malpractice, accident, work injuries, whatever the case may be.

You treated me like a friend, not just a 24 year old, but as someone who actually cares about my well-being.