I was very happy with everything my D.C. lawyers did - 500% happy, not just 100% happy.

I was hurt in D.C. but live in Pennsylvania, so I was looking for D.C. injury lawyers on the internet after my benefits had been cut off and I didn't know where to turn. There were so many lawyers out there.

But I took my time and read everything. I read the Donahoe Kearney bios and all of the information on the website.

I got Mr. Kearney's book and read it. I could tell he was very knowledgeable. I called the firm and was accepted for an appointment to discuss my case with Mr. Kearney.

You have to educate yourself to know.

Even though I had a bad injury and it was a difficult thing to go through,there was open communication from the beginning and they were very up front. They gave me full details and didn't use a lot of legal terms (even though I'm a former police officer), they just explained things.

The service was great. If Mr. Kearney wasn't in when I called, he would get back with me ASAP or his staff would call with information from him right away.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case and my settlement. I will definitely refer people to Donahoe Kearney. I was not just a client,it was a relationship.