Let me first begin by saying not only is Mr.Kearney a great attorney but his staff is incredibly amazing. I stumbled across this law firm on Google after a terrible accident while waiting tables. I was 21, a new mom, and enjoying life until my accident. I was told by the job which doctors to see, where to get my prescriptions, which procedures I had to do. Until Mr.Kearney saved my life after 8 months of care by a workers compensation orthopedic doctor Mr.Kearney informed me of my rights and from there we were off to get me feeling better. Never did he have me feel uncomfortable and I can say I put my complete trust in him that I was doing the right things.

He was always available to talk and if he was in court his staff always went above and beyond to resolve any questions or concerns. You need that type of support when you're clueless to these laws. I was offered an implant by the insurance company and Mr.Kearney called me and said "I don't care how much money they offer, is this what you want to do? Is this device the best fit for you?" And at that moment I thought to myself wow this man isn't just my attorney, he's a genuine human being that actually cares about me!!! Wow!!!

I'm pleased to say almost 8 years later and Mr.Kearney and his staff are still a very important part of my life. It took me 5 years to work again but I did It and without Mr.Kearney and his staff, I'd probably be in a bad place of hopelessness. I'm pleased to say I am up walking like never before all thanks to this amazing team. Thanks guys!

T.C., MD