Mom of Young Son and Injured Worker Gets the Compensation She Deserves.

I was injured at work. At that time my biggest concern was my 7 year old son (still is). It is easier for me to handle surgeries, pain and having to depend on my family financially, than it is for a child to understand why his mom all of sudden cannot walk and can’t take him to the park or any other activity kids enjoy.

I love working with Mr. Kearney and his team, because they show honest concern. Also they make sure I understand everything that is going on with my case, they keep me updated.  They answer all my questions and are always there for me, I remember Mr. Kearney more than once said “you should worry about your recovery.” He would handle the rest, and he did a wonderful job. I learned a lot about workers comp thanks to them.

I recommend this team to anyone with workers compensation or medical malpractice issues. They will make sure you get what you deserve, no matter how hard the case seems.

Thank you Mr. Kearney and his staff -  you guys are like my own superhero squad. 


H.S., Washington, D.C.