“From the start it’s been very positive. Frank has heard me go through everything from depressed to anxious, to angry. He knows what kind of anxiety comes along with chronic and very serious pain. He is a very understanding and caring person. We also have common ground because we were both in the Army. I’ve shared a lot of personal and family things with him. Frank and his staff have been "Johnny on the Spot" with phone calls to get me appointments and tests. He’s fought for me to get what I need all along the way. The biggest concern for me is my family. Frank’s a good lawyer, I’ve used him before. He was endorsed by our union, I think he certainly still is. I think there’s a stigma attached to lawyers and people who use lawyers where you think there’s something to hide. But no, there’s not. It’s the nature of the work, and it’s repetition that caused my injury. The lawyers downtown at don’t get how not only dangerous but body unfriendly our jobs are. I’m sure Frank gets it. You name it, Frank deals with it. I need to, and am very thankful that I am, being paid. Frank is a fantastic advocate” 

D.H. ATU Local 689