After my back injury at work, I wanted to feel like someone else was working for me so I wasn't alone against the insurance company.  A co-worker referred me to Donahoe Kearney.  It was good to be referred by someone, they gave me a lot of positive feedback about Mr. Kearney and his firm.

From the initial meeting when he agreed to take my case, I felt very comfortable.  He was very helpful and broke it all down for me because there is a lot of stuff you don't know that can work against you.

I really appreciate it.  I'd never dealt with attorneys at that comfort level before.  They addressed my case and the educational aspect about my rights and gave me all the information.  It was pleasant.  They were always efficient and helpful.  Claudia and the staff always got back with me promptly.  I'd say the service was a 15 on a scale of 1 - 10.

And as far as the outcome of the legal case, I am definitely happy with it!

Michael S., Washington, D.C.