I am very happy with the way my workers compensation case was handled.  I found the perfect lawyer in Washington, D.C. to help me and guide me through this difficult process.

I was very worried for many months about my injury and how this would affect my future.  The insurance company was giving me a hard time about my injury and I was not sure what would be the outcome of my case.

Mr. Kearney was able to put my case on the right track, and he fought and protected my rights.  Mr. Kearney has a lot of experience, and he successfully settled my case.  I am very pleased and grateful with the way Mr. Kearney represented me.  He helped me get the best outcome for my situation.

Mr. Kearney is a very talented lawyer, and I will always refer any person that needs legal help to Mr. Kearney.

M. Faye, Alexandria, Va.