I am a mid career manager.  I was unfortunately injured at work bad enough my injury requires neck surgery.

I received no support and limited assistance from my employer and their 3rd party insurance company that handles workers compensation claims for them.  I was very naive on the process which made me waste valuabel time thinking my company would "take care of me." After realizing I was left to fend for myself, I contacted a couple of lawyers to seek advice on my complex case. with Mr. Kearney being one of them.  

Even in the beginning, prior to Mr. Kearney accepting me as a client, he was nice enough to point out common mistakes and pitfalls many uninformed, unrepresented workers make that delay or negate their respective cases. That information was huge as I was still communicating with the insurance carrier, to my own detriment.  As time progressed and Mr. Kearney accepted me as a client, he was quickly able to earn my complete trust, which is not an easy thing to do, especially as I was going through the emotional/mental letdown of realizing my company, whom I gave my all to, did not support me in my time of need.  My case took a few months to be heard in front of a judge to decide whom would be liable, but during those months Mr. Kearney and his staff stayed in constant contact with me, encouraging me when the future looked bleak, advising me as issues arose and supporting me in any way they could.

When you are hurt, financially strained and somewhat "broken", having a team like them on your side is not just advised, it is necessary.  Mr. Kearney was able to work out an agreement prior to my hearing, with me receiving every benefit I asked for, medically and financially! A total win, finally.  

My case is still ongoing, medical procedures to come, but I have the utmost faith and confidence that I will receive what is rightfully owed to me.  This will ensure my family and I do not have to worry about our future and the ability to provide for my family as a healthy, able bodied man, which was totally in doubt just a few months ago.

In closing, if you are looking for a lawyer that looks at you like a number or just another client, look elsewhere! If you want someone that will fight for you, not back down an inch and not settle for less, Mr. Kearney is your man!  He does not only come highly recommended, he is essential.

Jason, Upper Marlboro, MD