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  • The reality is the insurance company doesn't care about you. That's why you need a great lawyer.

    "The reality is that your employer doesn't care about you. That's why you need a lawyer. Frank will look out for you to make sure you get everything to which you are entitled. My advice? Lawyer up. Lawyer up good. " J.S., Great Falls, VA     Mr. S. has started a video, film and production company called Flying Squid LLC. You can find it here online! For the fully story of how Mr. S turned injury into enterprise, visit our blog by clicking here.             

    J.S., Great Falls, Va.
  • DC Campus Police Officer Shares his Experience with his Knee Injury Case

    Working a physical or dangerous job in D.C. carries the risk of  a serious injury.  Mr. S. was working patrol at a university in D.C. when a bicycle heist resulted in a serious knee injury. He apprehended the suspect, but not before sustaining a knee injury that put him out of work.  He needed surgery and couldn't work, but wanted to get back on the job.    Here's what he has to say about working with us:"Mr. Kearney and his staff have been very helpful throughout the process. I would highly recommend them to my family and friends." For Mr. S's full story, visit our blog HERE.

    D. S., Washington, D.C.
  • I Never Felt Like a Client. Donahoe Kearney Treated Me Like Family.

    I first want to thank Mr. Kearney and his staff for all the work they did with my case.  I am very thankful and grateful for all they did for me.  From the beginning I never felt like a client, they always treated me as if I was part of the family.  They made me feel very comfortable and at home.  I am very happy and satisfied with all their hard work and all that they did to come to a resolution in my case.  I would highly recommend them to any person in need of an attorney.

    M.L., D.C.
  • If You Need an Outstanding Attorney on Your side, Look No Further than Frank Kearney

    It is with great pleasure that I write this review for Frank Kearney. Mr. Kearney was my personal injury attorney and I am eternally thankful for the outstanding job he did representing me. The whole process was arduous and often unfair, but I was always in good hands with Donahoe Kearney. Mr. Kearney was always professional, kind and very responsive. If I ever had a question or needed assistance (which I often did) Mr. Kearney never failed to find time to speak with me; either in person or on the phone. His paralegal, Claudia, is the hardest-working and most sincere person I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Though it will never substitute for the physical health and future job opportunities lost, I am so grateful for the compensation Mr. Kearney negotiated on my behalf. Not once has he taken "no" for an answer or cowered to the demands of the insurance company. Mr. Kearney shielded me from the case manager's bullying and fought hard for me to be seen by doctors NOT affiliated with the insurance company. Mr. Kearney was truly on my side and had my best interests in mind. He never asked me to settle, was patient, professional, thorough and extremely knowledgeable.  Frank, Claudia and Team; I really cannot thank them enough for caring so much. They have my deepest respect and admiration. If you need an oustanding attorney to represent you and fight for you, look no further. Frank Kearney is your guy!

    P.S., Alexandria, VA
  • After reading Mr. Kearney's book I knew I could trust him.

    Mr. Kearney did a great job with my workers’ compensation case. I am happy I picked the right lawyer to help me. He was very friendly, and patient with answering my questions. I read his book on DC Workers’ Compensation, and it also helped me understand the process of workers’ compensation cases. I am very pleased with the outcome of my case, and I will always refer my friends to him. 

    W.H., restaurant worker, D.C.
  • If Not for Their Hard Work, I Would Have Never Been Able to Get the Medical Care I Needed.

    I was working in DC when I was injured. Not being a resident of DC, I didn't know any lawyers in DC. When I started having problems with workers' comp, I knew I had to find a lawyer imn DC.  I contacted Mr. Kearney's office and he called me himself. I explained my situation to him and he explained how the process worked. I hired Mr. Kearney and he has been helping me ever since. With Mr. Kearney's help I have been able to see the doctors I needed to see and get the tests I needed to get. I have known Mr. Kearney for five years now and he has helped me a lot. If it wasn't for his hard work, I would have never been able to get the medical care that I have received.  If you have been hurt on the job you definitely need Mr. Kearney. There is no way you can get workers' comp to work with you. The insurance company would deny the tests my doctor wanted, as well as the treatment they wanted me to have. Once Mr. Kearney ws on my case and the one dealing with the insurance company, things began to get done. I got the treatment I needed and if any problems came up all I had to do was call the office and he would take care of the issue. I highly recommend him. Even after all this time Mr. Kearney is still my lawyer and he is still working to help me.

    N.B, Maryland
  • Client recounts that Mr. Kearney helped her through rough times and actually cared about her well-being, making the process all the more successful.

    Let me first begin by saying not only is Mr.Kearney a great attorney but his staff is incredibly amazing. I stumbled across this law firm on Google after a terrible accident while waiting tables. I was 21, a new mom, and enjoying life until my accident. I was told by the job which doctors to see, where to get my prescriptions, which procedures I had to do. Until Mr.Kearney saved my life after 8 months of care by a workers compensation orthopedic doctor Mr.Kearney informed me of my rights and from there we were off to get me feeling better. Never did he have me feel uncomfortable and I can say I put my complete trust in him that I was doing the right things. He was always available to talk and if he was in court his staff always went above and beyond to resolve any questions or concerns. You need that type of support when you're clueless to these laws. I was offered an implant by the insurance company and Mr.Kearney called me and said "I don't care how much money they offer, is this what you want to do? Is this device the best fit for you?" And at that moment I thought to myself wow this man isn't just my attorney, he's a genuine human being that actually cares about me!!! Wow!!! I'm pleased to say almost 8 years later and Mr.Kearney and his staff are still a very important part of my life. It took me 5 years to work again but I did It and without Mr.Kearney and his staff, I'd probably be in a bad place of hopelessness. I'm pleased to say I am up walking like never before all thanks to this amazing team. Thanks guys!

    T.C., MD
  • Mr. Kearney fought for what was right and put me at ease.

    Mr. Kearney helped me every step of the way through my worker's compensation case. I was feeling completely overwhelmed with the insurance company and the nurse case manager and once I had help from Mr. Kearney and his office, my mind was at ease and I knew I was in capable hands. He went above and beyond my expectations and really fought for what was fair in my case. 

    J.L., Washington, D.C.
  • My DC attorney stayed in constant contact with me, encouraging me, advising me and supporting me. He was quickly able to earn my complete trust.

    I am a mid career manager.  I was unfortunately injured at work bad enough my injury requires neck surgery. I received no support and limited assistance from my employer and their 3rd party insurance company that handles workers compensation claims for them.  I was very naive on the process which made me waste valuabel time thinking my company would "take care of me." After realizing I was left to fend for myself, I contacted a couple of lawyers to seek advice on my complex case. with Mr. Kearney being one of them.   Even in the beginning, prior to Mr. Kearney accepting me as a client, he was nice enough to point out common mistakes and pitfalls many uninformed, unrepresented workers make that delay or negate their respective cases. That information was huge as I was still communicating with the insurance carrier, to my own detriment.  As time progressed and Mr. Kearney accepted me as a client, he was quickly able to earn my complete trust, which is not an easy thing to do, especially as I was going through the emotional/mental letdown of realizing my company, whom I gave my all to, did not support me in my time of need.  My case took a few months to be heard in front of a judge to decide whom would be liable, but during those months Mr. Kearney and his staff stayed in constant contact with me, encouraging me when the future looked bleak, advising me as issues arose and supporting me in any way they could. When you are hurt, financially strained and somewhat "broken", having a team like them on your side is not just advised, it is necessary.  Mr. Kearney was able to work out an agreement prior to my hearing, with me receiving every benefit I asked for, medically and financially! A total win, finally.   My case is still ongoing, medical procedures to come, but I have the utmost faith and confidence that I will receive what is rightfully owed to me.  This will ensure my family and I do not have to worry about our future and the ability to provide for my family as a healthy, able bodied man, which was totally in doubt just a few months ago. In closing, if you are looking for a lawyer that looks at you like a number or just another client, look elsewhere! If you want someone that will fight for you, not back down an inch and not settle for less, Mr. Kearney is your man!  He does not only come highly recommended, he is essential.

    Jason, Upper Marlboro, MD
  • I Feel Good About My Case Because My Lawyers Have Done an Excellent Job.

    I am feeling very happy that Mr. Kearney is representing me in my workers compensation case. I feel so good about my case because he has done an excellent job. His staff is very courteous and helpful.  I will definitely recommend him to other people who are in need of an attorney.  Mr. Kearney is a very skilled lawyer and has a lot of experience in his profession.   He is not like the lawyers who are on TV advertisements. Mr. Kearney is a great person and from the bottom of my heart I am extremely thankful and grateful for his work in my case.

    J.S., Washington, D.C.