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  • One of our amazing clients writes a thank you note after settling his DC Workers' Comp Case.

                    Mr. Kearney and Staff: It's been almost 3 months since I've received my settlement. It was far more than I imagined and has been and is an invaluable financial blessing. It has helped me accomplish goals that I would have never been able to do otherwise. Words do little to describe the joy and the peace you've helped usher into my life. Please continue to change lives as you did mine.

    L.H. Washington, DC
  • Medical Malpractice client shares about her experience with Donahoe Kearney

    Estoy agradecida con el buffet por tan excelente trabajo, muy profesionales y lo mejor que trabajan duro para lograr la mayor compensación para los clientes. Se toman el tiempo de escuchar y visitar a cada cliente, es un contacto directo con los abogados y por eso brindan un excelente servicio. 🙏 Recomendados al 100%

  • Malpractice in a hospital leads to partial amputations

    This amazing client survived a devastating injury and now has the funds she needs to care for herself and for her family. Here's what she had to say about us: I am very grateful with the firm for such excellent work, they are very professional, and the best is that they work hard to get the most compensation for their clients. They take time to listen to and visit each client, there is direct contact with the lawyers and because of that they offer excellent service.  

    H. H.
  • Bob was a serious professional with a big job and a lot of responsibility and one big fall on the ice changed everything

    I caught up with Bob a couple of months after settling his case, and it was great to get his story from the "After" perspective. Bob was a Chief Engineer (which if you are not familiar with the engineering scene for office buildings, condos and facilities is a big deal - you're responsible for keeping the whole physical plant running).  He said he enjoyed doing it - only 15% desk work, the rest of it out there with the guys, teaching, working. He enjoyed doing that. Now he can't return to that kind of work - hasn't been able to since his first surgery. Bob had two surgeries, both from the same fall. It was a bad fall. When he fell it was on black ice and he was hustling out of the office. Both feet went sidewise, and Bob went horizontal in the air body slammed down on his shoulder. The fall was so hard that he bounced back up.  The first surgery was reconstructive on the bicep, labrum and rotator cuff. Over time, the cartilage was ground away by the anchors in his shoulder and he had to have his entire shoulder replaced. Even now, he still can't use his arm like he used to, can't lift. He had what we call a "permanent injury." I asked Bob why he sought out an attorney. He said "I wasn't getting better and with therapy, getting worse and not better. Everything had reattached during the first surgery the anchors came loose and started grinding the cartilage away. The doctor did an MRI and wasn't able to diagnose. I couldn't understand why he couldn't tell me what was going on." He had an attorney from one of the big TV commercial law firms in town.  The lawyer they gave him was young and inexperienced.  As a client, he was just a number, part of a mill (we've heard that before).  He wasn't getting calls back, status reports, etc. Then by chance, he mentioned this to an elevator inspector who had been a client of Frank's in the past. The elevator mechanic gave him Frank's name and number, with a strong recommendation. 15 minutes later Bob knew he had the right lawyer for his case. I can remember when Bob came on as a client. He was frustrated and nervous because he had a serious injury and he wasn't getting help from his lawyer. Bob was a fantastic client from day 1. I asked Bob what kind of plans he has for the future. He said: "I'm looking into teaching, maybe something along the lines of the air conditioning field. Sales maybe. NAPE (National Association of Power Engineers) maybe being a teacher's assistant. I used to belong to Local 99." Any advice for others now that you've been through a case after a serious injury? "Call Donahoe Kearney - "You guys were just phenomenal, never had a problem. You took care of my case, very professional and I was very happy and satisfied with the settlement. Definitely recommend you and Frank to anyone."   

    BG, VA.
  • After a torn rotator cuff, this car accident client from an accident in Washington DC is stronger than before in the injury

    I caught up with Mr. L the other day, and he says he is doing great! He told me that the experience with us was positive, and that oddly enough the injured shoulder has come back stronger than the shoulder that wasn't injured. After rotator-cuff surgery and a long rehabilitation you wouldn't think that was the case.  Mr. L was definitely an "A Game" client and I was so glad to hear he is doing well. \

    JL, VA
  • This amazing mother in Washington DC fought the medical doctor that caused her son's serious cerebral palsy and won!

    Here's what our long-time client had to say about Keith Donahoe cross-examining a doctor during her son's medical malpractice trial in Washington, DC. He blew the cover on her - he brought his “A" game.  I love Keith – him and Frank are just wonderful.”  Timothy is doing well today. His mother calls him “spoiled” with a smile, and says that he likes to watch his younger brothers play basketball, likes video games, and recently got attached to a family dog. And he will continue to be cared for long after his mother is no longer able to take care of him, because he has his own trust to provide for his lifetime care and a trustee who looks out for his interests. It gives him stability, security and dignity for the rest of his life. I asked her what advice would she give to other mothers who might be in a similar situation. She said "don't stop, don't settle. There's a reason for everything. I would go to the end of the earth for my boys and back.  Want the whole story?  Click here for the whole story.            

    Angela Taylor; Maryland
  • I was put off by the slick ads many law firms have.

    It took me some time to find a lawyer for my workers’ comp case. I wanted someone to help me navigate the process and to get me a fair deal, but I wanted to keep things professional. I soon learned that in addition to knowing a lot about the workers comp process, Frank knows many of the players, which helped us make informed decisions. I am pleased with the settlement I received and I’m grateful to his team for all their support.

    A.D. Washington, DC
  • This injured worker has been a client for many years and continues to be a client for life!

    The level of compassion that this firm puts into their clients is remarkable. I often joke and say it’s my royalty firm that spoils me because no matter how turned around the situation is this firm will hold you up like family and make you feel like royalty. I feel like I’ve gained a mentor and friend in Mr.Kearney. This firm doesn't label me as a $$$ as many firms do, and for once I was a real person, that got hurt, and needed help. That’s exactly what I got, plus so much more. Though I’m no longer a client we still speak often over the years. He gave me hope, after I felt like i lost everything. I could write a story about how amazing all the staff here is but I’d spoil the experience. I got a second chance to experience life and so can you!!! Let them help you through this hard process!!!!! Thank you guys so much again for everything each and everyone of you do at the firm. You guys Rock!!!!

    Tia Corry, Washington DC
  • Fantastic Review from a fellow workers' comp attorney's office over

    I love working with this office! Staff and attorneys are always prompt, friendly and very helpful! Thank you!    

  • This wonderful and brave mother gives advice to other mothers

    Ms. Hamilton's child was born prematurely due to a doctor's miscalculation of how far long she was. I wanted to know if she had any advice for mothers. Her directives were simple. “Don’t give up. Your baby didn’t ask to be here, and you owe it to your child to do everything that you can to advocate for them and make sure their needs are met. Just don’t give up—it’s a difficult process, and it’s not a short or easy road. But keep moving forward. That’s all. There is so much that Jeremiah wasn’t supposed to be able to do. And look at him now – he is a normal thirteen-year old boy. He loves science and math, and he likes to dance. He spends time with his older brother and I don’t allow him to get into trouble. And I’m going to do right by my child, just like I’ve done right by my other children. Nothing halfway for my kids.” Isn’t that exactly as it should be?

    LaTonya Hamilton, Hyattsville MD