The Ultimate Guide to Accident Cases in the DC Metro Area

What Should I Do if I’m in a Serious Car Accident in DC, Maryland, or Virginia?

If you’re like most people, this is the first time you’ve been in a serious car accident. You have questions. You are getting calls from the insurance company representatives, wanting to ask “just a few questions” or get a recorded statement. The insurance adjusters may be bothering you to sign their medical records release forms “so we can get your medical records and handle this for you.” They may even have already offered you money to settle your claim.

You Need Information from Experienced Car Accident Lawyers.

There is more to handling a serious car accident than what they are offering. This is the place to get started: to get information and hopefully avoid costly mistakes the insurance company wants you to make.

The myths that many people fall for when they are in a serious accident and dealing with insurance adjusters will be debunked in this report.

Here Are Some of the Myths You Might Encounter After a Car Accident:

  • You will get a reasonable settlement proposal;
  • You have to give them a recorded statement or they won’t settle with you;
  • The insurance company for the person who hit you will pay your medical bills as you go;
  • Everyone has insurance;
  • You should use your adjuster’s doctor;
  • There is a formula for determining settlement value.

You may be believing these myths or have believed these myths in the past. There is a different level of risk that you take if you are in a serious car accident and try to handle it on your own. If you have been trying to juggle your health records, and bills, and coordinating with an adjuster on your own, download this book before you move forward. Don’t let the insurance company take advantage of you.

You can have the information you need now. You can go over it in the quiet of your own home before you hire a lawyer, talk to the insurance adjuster, or sign anything.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this easy-to-read guide:

  • Discover the secrets to finding the right lawyer for you and your family;
  • Debunk myths about the personal injury;
  • Avoid the tricks that the insurance company uses;
  • Find out whether or not you need a lawyer.

Everyone who is on the roads should have this basic information about car accidents and personal injury. When you have the information provided in this book, you will be equipped to handle the basics of your worst-case accident scenario and take care of yourself and your family.

If You’ve Been in a Serious Accident, You Might Need Experienced Car Accident Lawyers like Donahoe Kearney

  • Do you have total expected medical bills and lost wages of $10,000+?
  • Is there significant property damage to your car?
  • Was the accident someone else’s fault?
  • Did you get prompt medical treatment after the accident?
  • Have you followed your doctor’s recommendations for treatment?
  • Did the accident happen less than 18 months ago?
If Your Claim Has Been Denied You’re Not Alone
You need an experienced injury & disability lawyer to help you beat the insurance company at their own game
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