The Ultimate Guide For Union Workers After A Work Injury

The Book That Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars Every Year

You've worked hard for everything you've gotten.  Years of training and lots of money to get the skills and expertise to provide a good living for you and your family. Don't let a work injury that wasn't your fault take it all away.

The contractors you work for have insurance with some of the biggest, most sophisticated insurance companies in the world.  And these insurance companies have a duty to their shareholders, not to the workers who get hurt on the job.  That's who your workers compensation case gets turned over to.

Everyone knows union members are highly-skilled and well-trained and worth every penny for their work. Insurance adjusters will target union workers more than others because they know that their high-quality work commands a high wage. Some union members who've reached a high-income level think they can handle the workers comp system on their own - and why shouldn't you? You've handled everything your whole life and done a great job. But this is different, it is a complex, archaic system of insurance, bureaucracy, administrative law, statutes, regulations, and case law. And there are a lot of quirks in the system that will trip up anyone who doesn’t work in the system regularly.

One mistake could cost you and your family hundreds of dollars in benefits every single week.  And after you've been hurt, how are you supposed to know that?

That’s why we published The Union Workers' Guide to D.C. Workers Compensation.  So you and your family don't make that first mistake (and others).  Its short by design, so you can learn the basic questions.  And we’re providing this resource - absolutely FREE, with no obligation whatsoever. 

We Want To Help You Get Every Penny You Deserve

As workers’ compensation lawyers, we want to help injured union workers protect themselves and their families and get every penny they need and deserve. After getting hurt on the job, this easy-to-read book can help you.

If you have any additional questions, call us at (202) 393-3320 or schedule a free, no obligation consultation to speak with someone from our experienced workers compensation staff who can help you take the next steps to keep your family safe and protect your income.


You've Worked Hard For Everything You Have. Don't Let A Work Injury Take It All Away.

This Book Will Help You Protect Yourself & Your Family