Claim Denied | Here's What You Need to Know if Your Long Term Disability Claim Has Been Denied

Claim Denied

Confused and Frightened After a Long Term Disability Denial? This Free Book Can Help

The American dream is a beautiful thing: it includes working hard, earning enough money to feed yourself and your family, and having a roof over your head. We work hard and enjoy the fruits of our labor. And you’ve done that your whole life. But what if that dream turned into a nightmare? What if something happened that took away your ability to work? All of a sudden you can’t pay your bills or your rent – and instead of coming home to a happy household, you come home to a place of anxiety and fear, a place of wondering if you’re going to lose everything you’ve worked for.


It’s a scary thought, but it happens every day in America—to people just like you who have planned, saved and done the right thing all their lives.


Here are the facts: One in five Americans live with some sort of disability.  One quarter of all twenty-year olds will become disabled before they reach the age of retirement.


Many people work in a job they enjoy; chances are they’re working that job because they get paid for it. If you become sick or seriously injured and can’t physically perform the duties of your job, you want to be sure that your disability insurance policy has you covered. While employers offer long term disability benefits with the best of intentions, sometimes that insurance policy and its terms create real hurdles for you and provide a huge advantage for the insurance company to deny coverage and stop or limit your disability benefits. 


Let’s think about that for a minute: let’s say you’re hurt and you can’t do your job. You feel stranded and alone at sea with no escape, except for this life raft your employer gave you. Well, as you inflate the raft you discover—guess what—there’s a giant hole in it! 


What’s worse? 


When they deny your claim for disability benefits the insurance company basically says you’re faking, lying and malingering.  It doesn’t believe you, your doctors, your test results.  They don’t believe you.


Don 't Let the Insurance Company Take Your Dignity. Contact Our Experienced Long Term Disability Lawyers Today

You’re stressed, worried and upset (and dealing with the effects of a serious illness or injury) but you can fight back.  It may be difficult, you may need help from someone who believes in you, someone with a plan and ability to show the insurance company they were wrong about you. Download this free report today to discover the truth about long term disability insurance claims and figure out what to do after a denial.

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