Find the Answers to Your Questions in our Parent's Guide to Medical Malpractice.

Medical Malpractice: A Parent's Guide

By definition, medical malpractice should never happen. It means a hospital, HMO, or healthcare system didn't follow the rules to protect a patient.  We all know medical malpractice happens; one government study estimated 98,000 people are hurt or killed by medical malpractice every year.

Its even worse when a child or baby is affected. 

Who will be there to help?  How will the child manage when he or she is older? Or when the parents are gone?

We wrote this short guide to give parents answers; to explain the process of investigating and pursuing a medical malpractice case and how to find out if your child's disability was caused by a medical mistake. It will even tell you how to use a settlement to secure your child's future; even after you're gone. 

We’re giving it to you as a gift.

For over twenty years we've represented kids and families affected by medical malpractice.  Many times it happened around the time of birth or when the child was very small. Many times it affected the child for the rest of his or her life. This short book will answer some of your questions about preventable medical mistakes, but it can't give you all the information you need if your child and your family have been affected by medical malpractice.

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This is a real, actual book that we will send you in the mail, so don't be afraid to leave your mailing address.   You are making a great decision by ordering this book. This book will speak to all medical malpractice including children, and if you are looking for something more specific we have a lot more free information for you if you just want to call us at 202-393-3320.