Here Are a Few Simple Recommendations To Get You Started With Your Workers' Compensation Claim.

So You've Been Hurt at Work. Can You Sue?

I've been hurt at work - can I sue?

This first question people who have been hurt at work usually ask is: "How am I going to take care of myself and/or my family?"

The second question is often "Can I sue them?"

If your company has more three or more employees, and they are carrying workers' compensation insurance as required by law, they cannot be sued directly for a work injury. However, workers compensation exists to take care of injured workers and their families in the event the injury is serious enough to keep them out of work and away from their source of income.

Being hurt at work is a frightening prospect for anyone who relies on their physical skill set in order to provide for their family. This simple list of a few recommendations will get you started on your workers' compensation claim. But this is only the beginning. In order to really understand your rights when it comes to workers' compensation in Washington, DC, you need to order "Protect Your Rights - The Ultimate Guide to DC Workers' Compensation."


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