Bullied by an Aggressive Nurse Case Manager?

Here's Why You Don't Want a Nurse Case Manager to "Help" You on Your Workers Comp Case in DC

If you've recently been seriously injured in a work accident, you may be overwhelmed by the workers compensation process? You may be receiving calls from an adjuster asking for information, a recorded statement, and a medical release. You probably feel confused and don't know whether or not to trust the people and the process that you're dealing with. And then you get assigned a nurse case manager.

Our experienced workers compensation lawyers get call all the time from people hurt at work, asking for advice on how to deal with the nurse assigned to their workers compensation case in Washington DC. People ask us if these nurses are allowed to just show up at doctor’s appointments, how to deal with them when they do, or who the nurse works for. 

The reality is that nurse case managers are just like adjusters -they work for the insurance company. Not every case will have a nurse case manager, but we have worked with a lot of them over the years and they always cause problems for the injured worker. They are constantly trying to get the injured worker back to work even if they are not ready, and they do this by trying to attend your doctor's appointments, trying to get you scheduled with doctors who work for the insurance company instead of your treating doctor, and bullying your doctor into releasing you back to work.

If you get an nurse case manager assigned your case, you should definitely contact an attorney because a nurse will push as much as possible if you aren't protecting your rights or having them protected by an attorney.

To help injured workers, Workers Compensation Lawyer Frank Kearney wrote this report: Bullied | Is Your Nurse Case Manager a Bully? You can order this free report and it will come right to your inbox.

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Don't Let the Nurse Case Manager Take Advantage of You and Limit Your Benefits. 

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You Don't Have To Put Up With A Bully On Your Workers Comp Case

Discover The Truth About Nurse Case Managers - What They Can And Cannot Do