Claim Denied: The Ugly Truth About Long Term Disability Insurance

You Got A Letter In The Mail Saying Your Long Term Disability Has Been Denied.

We wrote this guidebook about long-term disability so you can understand the situation you are in, and get some good insight into what you should be doing next. Most people don’t know that because of an arcane, complex set of federal laws called ERISA, it’s almost impossible to appeal your long-term disability denial and win if you are trying to do it on your own. The law heavily favors and supports insurance companies and makes it way too easy for them to deny claims. Because of ERISA, the insurance company only has to satisfy the “standard of reasonableness”- which just means they can really get away with a lot. There are no hard-and-fast rules to determine “reasonableness.” The burden of proof to prove disability lies on the person who is injured or sick.

We wrote this book so you can understand what you’re up against.

So Your Claim Has Been Denied. What Next?

The first thing you need to do is get the letter the insurance company sent you over to us for review. That letter has some key pieces of information in it that Attorney Frank Kearney will use to prepare your Next Steps Assessment. There is no charge for having your denial letter reviewed and getting a Next Steps Assessment. Send it to us now however you can – you can take a picture of it and email it to, you can fax it at 202-393-3324, or you can even drop it off at our offices in Alexandria if you can. Time is of the essence so you need to get it over to us quickly.

After You’ve Sent Us Your Denial Letter, Make Sure You Read The Guidebook

Once you fill out the form below, you will get an email from Lauren, Our Director of Client Services, with a PDF copy of the guidebook. We highly recommend you read it, as understanding what’s happening to you and what you are up against is a key part of being successful with a long-term disability claim. It’s a quick read and well worth the time.

Look For Your Long-Term Disability Next Steps Assessment

Once you get your denial letter over to us, look for your Long Term Disability Next Steps Assessment by email in the next few days. Once you review it, you can schedule a phone call with Attorney Frank Kearney if you have any questions about the assessment and the recommendations.

You Can Contact Our Experienced Long-Term Disability Team Any Time At 202-393-3320

We are always happy to answer any questions you have about the process. And don’t forget to request the guidebook today! Reading it is the next right step toward a successful long-term disability claim.

If Your Claim Has Been Denied You’re Not Alone
You need an experienced injury & disability lawyer to help you beat the insurance company at their own game
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