DC Medical Malpractice Lawyer on Avoiding Medical Errors

You Can Control Your Exposure to Medical Malpractice by Watching for the Signs

All medical malpractice is preventable.

You see, medical malpractice is the result of a choice.  Like everyone else in life, doctors, specialists, nurses, HMOs, hospitals, healthcare companies all have choices. And medical malpractice means that a healthcare provider made a choice not to put patient safety first. It could be a choice based on cost, convenience, staffing, being in a rush, or any other excuse – it doesn’t matter why, it’s a choice that needlessly put a patient’s health in danger.

So how do you recognize, stop and avoid preventable medical errors?

The truth is, most of the time, you don’t know right away. The effects – the patient’s injury or condition - could take time to be fully known, recognized, or related.

That is why we've published a report, based on our experience helping people as medical malpractice lawyers, of 7 common symptoms that can help you identify preventable medical errors before they harm you or your family.

A lot of our clients have told us that taking that first step toward realizing and investigating a medical malpractice case was the hardest simply because it’s difficult to believe that the doctors or hospital did not do all they could have for them and their loved ones. Everyone wants to believe their doctors or hospital did the right thing.  It’s human nature. But the fact is, doctors, hospitals and HMOs don’t always follow the rules – and that can lead to serious consequences for patients. 

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As a patient, you have the right to question everything - your doctors, nurses, medications, tests, follow up, you name it. And if you suspect something, take action – get answers and get help.

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