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Filing in the Right State is a Critical First Step in Your Claim

You should be filing your claim in the state where you were injured, and/or where you do most of your work. If you were injured in Washington, DC it's critical that you file in DC because the compensation rate is higher than it would be in Virginia or Maryland. If you file in the wrong state you won't be able to amend your claim, and you could end up leaving over twenty thousand dollars a year in tax-free benefits on the table if you file your claim in Virginia or Maryland. This gets confusing if your company is located in one state, but you do your work across DC, Maryland, and Virginia; for example, bus drivers or delivery services. If you're not sure, contact us at 202-393-3320 and we'll help you figure it out.

You Can't Trust the Insurance Adjuster or Nurse

Your insurance company is focused on limiting your benefits. Some adjusters and nurses will come off as adversarial right away, and some will be genuinely very nice people. But no matter what their disposition, they all have hundreds of claim files and they are all tasked with keeping the cost of your claim to a minimum. This is why they do things like take recorded statements to use against you later, try to get a medical release so they can dredge up your entire medical history, and try to get you to file in the wrong state. Speak to an attorney before you speak to your insurance adjuster. An experienced workers comp lawyer will be able to tell you what to look out for, what to do, and what not to do.

Potential Tricks The Insurance Company Uses To Deny Claims

  • Long Term Disability Appeals in DCThey will tell you to file in the state where you live rather than where you were injured if it saves them money
  • They will ask you to give a recorded statement right after the injury when you are shaken up and possibly on painkillers
  • They will send you to a doctor who works for the insurance company
  • They will ask you to sign a medical release that gives them unlimited access to medical records that they will use to claim you had a pre-existing condition or injury
  • They will put you under surveillance to catch you doing something they can interpret as violating doctor's orders or to say you're not really injured.

Don't Wait Until They Contest Your Benefits To Contact Our Experienced Workers' Compensation Lawyers Today

Your insurance adjuster will be building a case against you with the eventual goal of finding a reason to deny your claim, especially if you have a serious injury and need surgery. You should have an attorney on your side to make sure that your case is in the best shape possible in the event your benefits do get denied. ​

Empowering Through Education

At Donahoe Kearney, our mission is to "empower through education." To us, this means we provide our clients and future clients all the information they need to make great decisions about their legal issues- for themselves and for their families. That's why we have a free book to give away that's all about workers comp and how you can succeed with your claim. 

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