Don't Rely on the Insurance Company - They Are Not Your Friend and They Don't Want What's Best for You.

If you got hurt at work, you cannot rely on your employer to file your workers compensation claim

It just doesn't work that way.  Even if they say they have filed your claim (or you think they have), all they have done is notify their workers compensation insurance company.  It's not the same thing.

If you were hurt in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, filing your claim is the first step to protecting your rights.

You don't need to do this yourself (and you may not be able to).

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And you need to know your rights - about where and how to get the medical treatment you need for your injury, what to do when they won't authorize a doctor or a medication, what you need to prove to get workers compensation benefits to replace your lost income, what you need to do if you can't go back to work, where and how to file your workers comp claim.

You need a lot of information.

And you can't rely on your employer, boss or co-workers to give you the right information when you get hurt at work. They may mean well, but they may not know.  And that could hurt you.

You see, the workers compensation insurance company already has lawyers, investigators, adjusters, and nurse case managers working to deny or minimize your medical treatment and monetary benefits. And especially if you are seriously injured or disabled, there are time frames and statutes of limitations for filing a workers compensation case.  You may not even know you are entitled to additional benefits for your injury or condition.

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Don't rely on an insurance company to tell you what your rights and benefits are.

They are focused on the bottom line.  Don’t make the mistake of trusting them to take care of you – their duty is to the insurance company shareholders, not to you. 

Won't the workers’ compensation insurance company take care of you?

No.  And some people think that their company will take care of them - they have a great relationship with their supervisor and management.  Your job may feel the same way.  But the truth is, it's not up to them, it's out of their hands.  I wrote an entire book on D.C. workers compensation (now in it's 3rd edition) because I was sick of all the misinformation out there - a lot of it coming from the very insurance companies that are supposed to pay workers’ compensation benefits when you can't work or provide for your family and your future.

How can the workers comp insurance company take advantage of you and your family?

They may tell you they require a signed authorization (which allows them to get all of your medical information since birth) to start your benefits or tell you they require a written statement about your injury.  They try to get you to record a statement or telephone interview that could later be used against you.  Insurance adjusters want to get this when you are at your most vulnerable - on pain medication, in the hospital, or awaiting surgery.  They are trained to use formulated questions that will hurt, minimize or delay your case.  And they have conducted hundreds, if not thousands, of these interviews.  How many have you done?

They may even have a "nurse case manager" come to your house to see if she can "help" with your medical treatment and your case.  And she will help - the insurance company. The best ones (for the insurance company) will act like your friend.  She will recommend doctors for you to see, saying you need to see an "approved" doctor or someone in the "network." (Wrong).  She will even schedule your appointment for you and show up at the appointment to talk to the doctor afterwards.  Do you think a doctor who gets tons of patients from an insurance company will have your best interests at heart?

They may deny your claim if you don’t file your paperwork in time, or they may deny your claim because they say they don't have all your medical reports (even though they have the hospital reports and doctors' notes that say you fractured your ankle when a scaffold collapsed and it was witnessed by 3 other employees and a foreman took you to the hospital).

They may hire a private investigator to secretly videotape you looking for anything to deny your claim.  They will investigate your social media accounts. They will tell you that you can only see one of their doctors.  They find ways to pay the least amount possible for your medical treatment. 

And if you were injured in Washington D.C., the insurance company may try to pay you a lower compensation amount by having you file a claim with Maryland or Virginia. If you are a high wage earner, you could literally be losing hundreds of dollars every week if you let them do this to you.

The bottom line is the insurance company knows the law and they use it to their advantage.  Your adjuster has handled hundreds or thousands of workers compensation claims for the insurance company. She has an army of insurance lawyers, nurses, doctors, case managers and investigators behind her.

How many workers' comp cases have you handled on your own?

You can probably see now why it is so important to have somebody on your side who can protect your rights for you and your family.

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