Automobile Accidents

Help After a Serious Accident

Drivers are violating the Rules of the Road every day.  What happens when one of them hurts you or your family?

You've come to the right place to get information that will help you and your family. 

The first step is to order a free copy of our e-book about accidents so you can read it in the privacy of your own home - instead of dealing with all of the letters from lawyers telling you to hire them, solicitations from "investigators" offering to get you a lawyer, and annoying phone calls.  If they were so great would they be soliciting everyone who has ever been in an accident?

We do things a lot differently here.

When you call you will talk to a real live person at our firm - someone who can start helping you and giving you good information as soon as you call, even if we're not the right law firm for you.

And one of the first things we will tell you is whether you even need a lawyer (our book has more info to help with that decision).

With a serious injury where you need surgery, future medical treatment, can't work and feed your family, you'll want to get started, or at least know where to start, right away.

What You Need To Know After a Serious Accident

People sometimes say “accidents happen”, but with driving, that's just not true. 

"Accidents" are really caused by drivers who choose to violate the Rules of the Road, choose to text while driving, decide to drink and drive, decide to ignore safety laws, etc.  Many collisions are caused by drivers who don’t pay attention or shouldn’t be on the road, because they are distracted, drunk, speeding, weaving in and out and not obeying traffic signals and signs.

Even when you are hurt by these drivers, their insurance company will be looking for ways to delay or deny your claim. 

For someone who was seriously injured or for a family of someone killed in an accident, you get one chance to hold the responsible driver accountable. The other driver's insurance company has no duty to help the people its insureds injure or kill - that insurance company's duty is to its shareholders, to maximize their profits, not pay for your harms and losses - your medical treatment and bills, therapy, future medical care and treatment and lost income.