3 Truths About Long Term Disability Insurance In DC

1. The Disability Claim Process Will Vary Depending On What Type of Claim You’re Making.

There are different types of disability claims including short term disability insurance claims, long term disability claims, social security disability claims, ERISA, non-ERISA, and Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA claims. Each will have its own timeline and rules that govern the process. It’s important to understand or have someone on your side who understands the process for the specific type of claim you’re making. Some processes can move quicker while others take more time. After a serious injury or medical condition that prevents you from working, it's important to determine the best way to replace the income you are losing. You'll need an attorney familiar with ERISA to help you take the next right steps.

2. The Long Term Disability Claim Process Involves An Administrative Record & Important Timelines

Are you making a long term disability insurance claim? If so you there may come a time when your claim is either denied or your benefits terminated and you will be required to appeal that denial. That appeal goes to the insurance company (I know it sounds crazy but the insurance company will decide whether to stick with or change their denial of your benefits) and that appeal - everything you put in it, will be the administrative record. The record covers the time period from when you were injured through your current condition. It’s critical that this administrative record is delivered on time and contains all of the critical information to support your claim.

This is not filling out some forms or just sending in your medical records - there is an entire process you should go through involving medical and vocational evidence that needs to be prepared.

There is also a timeline of events that must be followed exactly or you risk having your claim denied. ERISA long term disability insurance deadlines include 180 days after any claim denial for appeal and the insurance company’s 45 day deadline to review an appeal once submitted. That's not a lot of time to get your administrative record together, especially if you don't know exactly what you are looking for.

3. Hiring Our Experienced Long Term Disability Attorneys Will Make The Entire Process Smoother

If you have questions about ERISA long term disability cases, contact our experienced team to get more information on the process. And especially if your claim was denied - we can review that denial letter for you (for free, no obligation).

If Your Claim Is Denied You Need To Hire Our Experienced Long Term Disability Attorneys Immediately

Long-term disability policies can be confusing. You must be able to read between the lines and sort through a whole bunch of industry-specific terms and conditions.

You should at consult with a DC Long Term Disability Attorneys before crafting your long-term disability appeal for the following reasons

  • You need someone who understands the language to clarify the process and the parameters;
  • You need someone with experience in insurance litigation to craft the appeal, to work with experts, consultants, your doctors, witnesses.
  • You also need someone who will understand how to prepare an your appeal to be read by a federal judge (you have to file a federal lawsuit if your appeal is denied) so you have a fighting chance to win your appeal.

How Much Do Long-Term Disability Attorneys Cost?

We offer consultations, claim appeals, and federal court appeals. An experienced Donahoe Kearney attorney will review your denial letter for free and then give you clear guidance on your recommended next steps.

Don't Wait! Contact Our Experienced Long Term Disability Attorneys Today!

Our experienced long-term disability attorneys are here to help! We'll review your denial letter for free and give you our sense of the next steps you'll need to take. But don't delay - these cases have strict time limits and a proper appeal - one that puts you in the best position to get disability benefits awarded - is a lot of work. Contact us today and send your denial letter to us at [email protected]

To learn more about your long term disability claim download our free copy of "The Ugly Truth About Disability Insurance"