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Posted on Jul 14, 2014

Former D.C. workers compensation Administrative Law Judge Anand K. Verma, who resigned after it was discovered he had been disbarred in Indiana in 1998 for false statements on bar applications but decided hundreds of workers' compensation cases for 16 years at the D.C. Department of Employment Services, is still causing problems for injured workers, employers and insurance companies.

Cases schedued to be heard by this former judge have been re-scheduled.  The Compensation Review Board (the first level of appeals for a D.C. workers comp case after a Formal Hearing) has been remanding cases for another hearing in front of a new D.C. workers compensation judge. 

Recently, the Court of Appeals (D.C.'s highest local court), giving deference to the CRB, essentially ruled that the CRB could decide how to deal with these cases (at least for now).

Unfortunately, this will add more delay to a system that is already full of delays. Many hard working people with legitimate on the job injuries in D.C. are already waiting many, many months (sometimes years) to get a decision on their case.

To read the recent opinion on this, click here for our Document Library.

No one would have predicted this mess, of course.  But it shows you that the workers comp system is unpredictable, complicated and difficult - with its own rules, procedures and delays.  So if you have a serious injury, don't take a chance on the medical care and benefits you will need.  Call us or order one of our free books, guides or reports to get started today.

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