What is a Personal Injury Case?

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Posted on Jun 26, 2014


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Let us start at the very beginning: Just what is a personal injury case? Lawyers say that they do not do "personal injury cases" or "accident cases" or "wrongful death cases" and yet, what exactly does that mean? Indeed, people who have known me for years will come up to me and ask me for a referral to a car accident attorney! They do this even tough I think that they know exactly what it is that i do.

A personal injury, car accident, or wrongful death case is any type of claim where a person has been injured of killed due to someone else's carelessness. If the only damage in your case is that your car got banged up, then you don't have a personal injury case-- but you may have a property damage case. We do not handle property damage cases, but  there are many lawyers who do so. If both you and your car have suffered an injury, then you have both a personal injury and a property damage claim. In those circumstances, either your insurance company or their insurance company will usually take care of the property damage claim.

If someone's negligence causes the death of another, then this is called a "wrongful death" claim. The law of each state or jurisdiction differs significantly regarding what can be recovered in a wrongful death case. You need an attorney who understands the specialized wrongful death laws of DC, Maryland and Virginia. There are differences in local laws in our area and there are times (we've had cases like this) when the negligence or wrongdoing happens in one state but the person dies in another.

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