What if You Can't Work Because of Medical Malpractice?

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Posted on Sep 11, 2014

Medical malpractice doesn't just affect the injured patient - it can be devastating to the entire family.

An adult patient who can't work because of a preventable medical mistake needs to replace the income that was taken from him - and that includes future raises, bonuses and money he likely would have earned over his lifetime that would be used to support his family.  And many times, a parent has to stop working or go part time to take care of a child who was affected by a medical mistake - she may need 24/7 care and Medicaid will only pay for and provide part of it.

So a critical part of the damages (really, a part of the harms caused by the hospital or doctor responsible for the injury) a family suffers is replacing that lost income.  You prove that using a number of methods - prior tax returns, wage records, pay stubs, testimony from your employer.  You hire experts, usually a vocational expert and an economist to project the lost income over your work life.

It's not really fair, but you have to re-create everything to prove how the life you once had changed so dramatically because of a doctor's carelessness or a hospital's system failure.  Sometimes it's the only way to get back some of the economic loss you and your family suffered.

Because that's the whole goal of a medical malpractice case - to help the patient and his family.

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