Undiagnosed Concussions--Long Term Impacts

Posted on Feb 05, 2014

Can you guess how many Seattle Seahawks or Denver Broncos players had concussions after the Super Bowl game this weekend?

According to a report released by the NFL, the amount of concussions in the league dropped 13%. However, this does NOT necessarily mean there are fewer players getting concussions.

A recent study from the Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine finds that out of 486 patients, about 30% of them reported a previously undiagnosed concussion. This implicates that nearly one-third of athletes have sustained previous blows to the head that resulted in signs and symptoms of concussion but have not been diagnosed with a concussion.

Undiagnosed concussions can lead to more repeated concussions and undoubtedly have long term impact on an athlete’s life. For example, this can cause permanent brain damage, depression, Alzheimer’s Disease, etc.

Recently, this is starting to surface and athletes are suing leagues who allegedly are not protecting their players from head injuries. Hopefully these lawsuits will further alert the public of the dangers of undiagnosed concussions.

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