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Posted on Feb 06, 2015

DC Medical Malpractice Lawyer Teaches other lawyers

Long recognized as a top medical malpractice lawyer in Washington, D.C., with many multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts to his credit on behalf of children with cerebral palsy, families who have lost a loved one and patients severely injured by medical mistakes at hospitals in the D.C. area, Keith Donahoe was asked to teach other trial lawyers how he does it.

Mr. Donahoe focused on a critical aspect of any D.C. medical malpractice case - presenting expert testimony. 

Whether someone was injured due to a medical mistake in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, almost all medical malpractice cases require expert testimony.

This is usually from several doctors who have reviewed all of the materials and then can testify that the doctor or hospital that caused the injury did not follow established safety rules.

So one of the first things we do when a family comes to us for help is begin the process of working with experts in different medical specialties, depending on type of medical care the patient received.  For example, if a baby was born severely premature because the obstetrician did not test for, recognize or follow up on an infection, and the consequences of the prematurity are disabling - cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, etc., we would begin working with doctors who treat pregnant women and deliver babies (usually obstetricians) and experts who treat premature babies (usually neonatologists) as a start.

Using a real presentation of an expert witness in open court in a case that a jury awarded $6,500,000.00 to help a young man with cerebral palsy, Mr. Donahoe walked experienced medical malpractice lawyers and relatively new lawyers through the process of qualifying an expert witness (showing the court that he or she is in fact an expert) and establishing the standard of care (basically, showing the established patient safety rules for the particular medical treatment - like following up on a test result, getting a consultation of a specialist, ordering a test, recognizing a disease process, ruling out life threatening causes of symptoms, considering all of the available information, etc.).

As a medical malpractice lawyer, the goal of any case is to help get the patient what he needs.

Those needs can be lifetime future medical care, modifications to your home so it is wheelchair accessible, transportation if you can no longer drive, full time nursing and caretakers, lost income because you can no longer work - obviously, these costs can be significant and are well beyond what most people can afford (or should have to pay for).

And if you or your family was harmed by the medical system, sometimes you only get one chance.  You have to make sure you and your family make the best decision for you. 

So call us to discuss the specifics of your situation, in confidence, to see if we can help.  But don't wait.  Most cases have strict time frames, but more importantly, you and your family may need help right away, and you don't want to delay getting the resources to take care of you or your loved one.




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