Taking Justice Back: One Reader at a Time

Posted on Nov 29, 2012

A new website powered by lawyers seeking justice for individuals has launched, and aims to raise awareness about holding irresponsible corporations responsible for their actions when they harm people. Take Justice Back features true stories of corporate negligence harming innocent Americans as well as detailed resources on the civil justice system, and how some corporations, insurance companies and other industries try to abuse it to avoid accountability for their actions. The website’s goals are to raise awareness by engaging with individuals and empower these readers to take action and fight for their rights.

Corporations avoid accountability by demeaning lawsuits, claiming that they are “frivolous.” The health industry blames lawsuits for the rising cost of health care. However this is not the case. The civil justice system provides an arena for Americans to seek justice after being hurt by the misconduct of others, particularly corporations and health care providers. These lawsuits are not only meant to seek culpability, but also to prompt these industries to create safer practices, making their products and services safer for all of us.

By advocating for the rights of every day Americans against the unsafe practices of some corporations and industries, we are all fighting to take justice back. 

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